Ophthalmology is the specialized field of medicine that focuses on the health of the eye. It includes the anatomy, physiology and diseases that may affect the eye. Historically, the science of ophthalmology encompassed all aspects of visual function, both in health and in illness.

Conditions of the Eyes

  1. Age-related macular degeneration usually affects individuals over the age of 50 and may lead to loss of vision due to damage to the macula.
  2. Cataracts are the number one cause of vision impairment throughout the world, and cataract surgery is the second most common procedure performed in the United Kingdom.
  3. Diabetic retinopathy involves damage to the blood vessels in the eyes due to excessive glucose levels in the blood. This can lead to vision impairment.
  4. Glaucoma is a condition that involves damage to the optic nerve in the eye, which can gradually worsen vision.


  • Dr.Santhosh Ravindran

    Dr.Santhosh Ravindran