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Are you looking for some trusted clinics in Karama? Then Dr Ismail Polyclinic is your ideal destination to get medical consultation for people, of all ages, for different diseases. If you suspect any medical issue, do not hesitate reaching out to our specialists for medical consultation.

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Dr Ismail Polyclinic was started in 1984 with a General Practitioner in Karama. Over the years, the clinic has added specialties and consultancies to its service offerings with the clinic now offering 6 specialties in the fields of Dental, Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics and Homeopathy in addition to its General Practitioner offerings. The clinic has also expanded to add laboratory facilities, to provide an integrated health care service that provides quick and reliable results to our patients.

Owing to the similar advancements, our Dental clinic in Karama is considered the most preferred choice for regular as well as specialized treatments.

Dr. Ismail Polyclinic group has also expanded in this time, with branches in Sonapur, Al Quoz, Discovery Gardens, Jebel Ali and 5 pharmacies.

Do not run pillar to post for random clinics, when you can have all the answers to your questions at one of the most recommended clinics in Karama.  Contact us to get prompt diagnosis and forge a well thought out medical course of treatment for best outcomes.

Our Doctors at Al-Karama Clinic

We have immense confidence in our team of competent medical specialists which is committed to serve each and every patient with complete care. With vast knowledge and relevant experience, our doctors are fully proficient to provide best diagnosis and medical treatment to help patients recover soonest. From a general practitioner to specialist doctors, you can get treated for possibly every medical concern at one of the most popular multi-speciality clinics in Karama.

General Practitioner Dr. Muhamed Zubair
General Dentist Dr. Ghulam Mohamed Ghiasuddin
Specialist Ophthalmology Dr. Santhosh Ravindran
Specialist Obstetrics And Gynecology Dr. Priya Chinnachamy
Homeopathy Practitioner Dr. Shaly Gopinathan Nair

Life can be unpredictable. Any step taken, not at the right time, could cost you a lot. If you suspect anything wrong with your health, do not procrastinate and talk to us to get things sorted.

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