Most ulcers are caused by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which is the reason why ulcers tend to be treated with antibiotics together with an acid suppressor. The problem starts, generally, with a spiral-shaped germ which seems to live for a single purpose, digging holes in our stomachs. This bacterium, called Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori for short), is extremely common: It is found in about half of all people under 60 years. H. pylori never causes problems in many people, but within an unfortunate minority, the insect burrows through the stomach’s protective mucous coating. The bacteria and stomach acid irritate the sensitive lining beneath, causing ulcers to form.

In some instances, H. pylori is not the villain, however. Individuals using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and aspirin for pain relief over long periods can develop ulcers. Heredity also plays an essential role in contributing to ulcers.

Individuals who have a family history of ulcers appear to have a higher likelihood of acquiring the illness, as do people with type O blood. Additionally, liver disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and emphysema are among the conditions that might increase exposure to ulcers. Stomach and pancreatic cancers can also cause these sores to form.

Treatment of Infection involves relieving the irritation so that recovery can progress naturally. Antacids counteract stomach acid and relieve symptoms, but they can also lead to complications. By way of instance, sodium bicarbonate, a main antacid ingredient, contains considerable amounts of sodium, which may aggravate kidney disease or high blood pressure.

For treatment of more debatable ulcers, a doctor may prescribe different preparations to promote recovery. Sucralfate coats the stomach, protecting it against gastric acid. Cimetidine, ranitidine, and other H2 blockers inhibit gastric acid production. Antibiotics and antacids are often prescribed to treat ulcers due to infection with H. pylori.

If you are experiencing ulcer pain, try these all natural remedies at home to help relieve the pain:

 Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and kale

These cruciferous vegetables all contain sulforaphane, a chemical that seems to squelch H. pylori. In 1 study, after patients that tested positive for the bacteria ate a half cup of broccoli sprouts twice daily for seven days, 78 percent tested negative for bacteria. Other studies on mice, have shown that sulforaphane extracts can successfully destroy the bacteria in the mice digestive tracts.

Consider eating a cup per day of broccoli, cooked or raw, or broccoli sprouts. Not only will the broccoli start to combat your ulcer, but additionally, it will provide greater than a day’s worth of vitamin C along with a generous quantity of fiber: 2 more allies in the struggle against ulcers.


Even though it is not the flashiest vegetable, cabbage provides some remarkable ulcer-healing skills: It helps protect the lining of the stomach and intestines and wards off the bacteria that causes ulcers. Try to consume two cups of uncooked cabbage daily (coleslaw), or consider making a super-potent juice: Four cups of cabbage juice per day was proven to cure peptic ulcers in under a week! Pick fresh green cabbages for a perfect hangover cure.

Scientists believe it can be the amino acid glutamine that provides cabbage its anti-ulcer punch. Glutamine helps to fortify the mucosal lining of the intestine and to enhance blood flow to the gut, meaning it not only helps prevent ulcers but may also accelerate healing of existing sores.

Eat 2 cups of uncooked cabbage daily. Add it to salads, coleslaw, and wraps. It is also possible to drink raw cabbage juice, sold in health food shops. Drink a quart per day for three weeks if–you can stand it!


Stock up on onions! They may give you gas, but they also stop the development of ulcer-causing bacteria that could increase your risk of gastritis (stomach inflammation) and, over time, cause stomach cancer. Add chopped onion to sandwiches and salads, or chuck them into stir-fries, fajitas, and pastas–just avoid frying, which may upset your stomach.


Everyone’s crazy for yogurt nowadays, and for good reason: Most yogurts contain active cultures, lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, that could help digestion by balancing bad bacteria out with good bacteria. If you are on antibiotics, these yogurts can be particularly useful: They replenish the good bacteria your meds have removed in the body, preventing diarrhoea.

Castor Oil Compress

Castor oil can decrease inflammation, relieve pain, and heal tissues beneath the skin, and a compress is simple and inexpensive to create. Put a towel in castor oil until fully soaked. Squeeze to remove any additional liquid and prevent dripping. Cover the painful area on your stomach, then top with a sterile towel and a hot-water jar for extra pressure. Leave the package on for up to one hour.

Aloe Juice

You may use aloe vera gel for sunburns and other skin problems, but were you aware that the plant’s juice may work its soothing magic in your inflamed stomach lining also? Pick up some juice in the regional health-food store or pharmacy, and drink a few sips before each meal and at night. Aloe juice will relieve ulcer pain and encourage healing.


Garlic is among the world’s best and universal organic remedies –and it helps prevent and heal stomach ulcers! If you can stand the powerful flavour, eat two cloves of raw garlic daily to control levels of the H. pylori bacteria in your gut. You can also chop up fresh garlic and add two tablespoons of raw, unprocessed honey. The benefits of honey aren’t confined to flavour: Its antibacterial powers will double-team those nasty bad guys on your gut!


By now, you should be aware that java will irritate an already-existing ulcer. But not so for tea! In actuality, peppermint and chamomile teas are anti-inflammatories that could soothe your ulcer pain and promote healing. Brew your tea and let it cool until just warm too hot and you’ll irritate your ulcer. Stir in some raw honey to its antibacterial qualities as well as for its sweet taste. Note: If you’ve got gastroesophageal reflux (or GERD), steer clear of peppermint, which may trigger or aggravate indigestion and heartburn.

Someone could have the ability to find relief with a few home remedies. However, individuals should visit their physician to learn the reason and get medical treatment.

Our gastroenterologists in Dubai can produce a treatment plan to help deal with the ulcer. At-home remedies might help prevent ulcers growing later on and obviously help alleviate symptoms.

Does drinking an ice cold beverages cause you dental distress? Or do you end up wincing when you brush or floss? You could have what is called tooth sensitivity.

You do not have to put up with all the pain, however. There are things You can do to reduce tooth sensitivity and enhance your oral health. Here are reasons as to why you could be experiencing this mouth malady — and measures you may take to find relief for sensitive teeth

Aggressive Brushing

Brushing too hard may wear down your enamel and root cementum. If you discover that you go through your brushes quicker than your floss, you might have to adjust your technique to whiten your teeth. Not only does over-brushing teeth damage your enamel, it may also lead to gum recession that exposes milder parts of your tooth and may result in pain and sensitivity.

Lacking Routine Oral Care. 

Brushing, flossing and rinsing twice daily is crucial to keeping a wholesome mouth. Be cautious and routine-oriented when cleaning your teeth, such as brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, since you’re also protecting and strengthening your body’s only source of tooth enamel. When enamel is worn it exposes your dentin, resulting in vulnerability for tooth sensitivity.

Sugary Diet. 

Loading up on sugary treats like cookies, candies, cake and ice Lotion can prompt germs to grow. The acids produced by the bacteria in plaque may breakdown tooth structure. Monitor your intake of candies and candy to protect your teeth. Tooth decay can lead to tooth pain, so ask your dentist to determine the reason for your sensitive teeth.

Receding Gums. 

If you are discovering that your teeth are starting to pull away from your gums, then it means your gums are receding. This exposes dentin tubules that lead into the sensitive nerve branches within your teeth. Receding gum lines don’t solely occur because of brushing too hard; if you’re experiencing gum recession, make certain to talk with your dentist and receive a correct diagnosis to ensure you don’t have something more serious that needs to be treated by an expert.

Excessive plaque. 

The purpose of cleaning and flossing is to remove plaque that Forms after you consume. Too much build-up of plaque may lead to tooth enamel to wear away. Again, your teeth may be sensitive as they shed protection given by the enamel. The solution is to practice good daily dental hygiene and see your dentist for cleanings every six months — or more often if needed.

You use tooth-whitening toothpaste. 

Many manufacturers add tooth-whitening substances to their Toothpaste formulations, and some individuals are more sensitive to them than others. If your toothpaste comprises whitening agents, consider switching to one that does not.

Acidic Diet. 

If you frequently consume sharp-tasting or sour food and beverages this could be stripping away your tooth enamel. Balance your diet to track highly acidic foods such as citrus fruits, berries, berries, pickled products, and acidic drinks such as orange juice, coffee, sports drinks, wine, and carbonated sodas.

Too much mouthwash. 

Like whitening toothpaste, some over-the-counter mouthwashes and Rinses include alcohol and other substances that may make your teeth sensitive — particularly if your dentins are exposed. Instead, attempt neutral fluoride rinses or just skip the rinse and be more diligent about flossing and brushing.

Gum disease. 

Receding gums, which are increasingly common with age (especially When you haven’t kept up with your dental health), can lead to tooth sensitivity. If gum disease or gingivitis is the issue, your dentist will think of a plan to deal with the underlying disease, and may also indicate a method to seal your teeth.

You have had a dental procedure. 

It is common to experience some sensitivity following a root canal, extraction, or the placement of a crown. If symptoms do not disappear after a brief time, you should schedule another trip to your dentist, as it might be a symptom of infection.

Your tooth is cracked. 

A cracked or chipped tooth may cause pain that goes beyond tooth sensitivity. Your dentist will have to assess your tooth and choose the ideal course of treatment, like a cap or an extraction.

There’s decay around the edges of fillings. 

As you get older, fillings can weaken and crack or flow around the edges. It’s simple for bacteria to collect in these very small cracks, which causes acid build-up and tooth breakdown. Make certain to see your dentist if you see this sort of tooth sensitivity between visits; in most instances, fillings can be readily replaced.

Tooth sensitivity is treatable. In Fact, you might realize that using toothpaste especially made for sensitive teeth aids in stopping the pain sometimes. However, these formulas do not work for everybody. If your sensitivity is intense and persists regardless of what steps you take, make sure to see your Dubai teeth whitening dentist for an evaluation. Just an office visit can determine the most probable cause of your Tooth sensitivity and the ideal solution for your particular circumstances.

Skin conditions are probably the most annoying health problems. Common skin diseases in Dubai are caused by the harsh weather conditions. It is due to this that you should find a good dermatologist in Dubai to help in treating the disease. Just to mention, Dubai is a world trade hub. Similarly, dermatologists in Dubai come from various parts of the world. This makes competition stiff and diverse. To ease your search, below are ten-best dermatologists in Dubai who can solve your skin issues.

Best Dermatologists in Dubai

→ Dr. Ismael Health Care Group

Dr. Ismael Health Care Group brings forth a perfect combination of beautifully applied science in skin treatment. The clinic is open to all with skin issues including dermatitis, psoriasis, fungal infection and eczema. Dermatologists from Dr. Ismael Health Care Group focus on prompt diagnosis and efficient treatment to restore your skin’s health. The many years of dedicated service and perseverance has made this facility a coveted choice for many patients. 


Dr. Rami Hamed Center

Dr. Rami Hamed Center attends to patients of all ages with any pressing skin conditions. Professional dermatologists see infants, children, teenagers and adults with several dermatological conditions. An important aspect of treating skin diseases that the facility offers is anti-aging services that prevents early signs of aging. Basically, this involves patient education on lifestyle, use of skin care products and the importance of reducing sun exposure. 

  • Clinic location: Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, UAE
  • Area: Dubai Healthcare City
  • Website: www.drhc.ae 
  • Phone number: +97142798221 


The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic is well known for cutting-edge surgical, anti-aging and skincare treatments. The clinic has a complete cosmedical spa specializing in laser hair removal, endermologie cellulite, microdermabrasion, skin peels and more. Treatment is preceded with a free in-depth consultation with dermatologist to ensure that the patient fully understands any condition and treatment procedure. 

Phone number: +97143956400


Al Das Medical Clinic

The clinic’s dermatology department is committed to professional prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions. It also treats hair and nail conditions. Al Das Medical Clinic is reputed for having advanced treatments, both in surgical and non-surgical skin treatment options. As for preventive measures, the clinic advises Dubai residents to avoid staying out long in the scorching sun, offers tips on what to avoid to prevent hair loss, and skin treatment therapies at home. Besides prevention, patients can rely on the clinic’s expertise in diagnosing and alleviating complex skin diseases. 

  • Clinic location: Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE 
  • Area: Palm Jumeirah
  • Website: www.aldasclinic.com 
  • Cell phone number: +97144529998


OCP Medical Center

The Laser and Medispa at OCP Medical Center provides a plethora of rejuvenating, refreshing and slimming treatments for overall body wellbeing. The Center co-operates with top Switzerland skin care company to provide signature and incomparable anti-aging products. With the supervision of expert dermatologist and plastic surgeons, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. 

  • Clinic location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE
  • Area: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
  • Website: www.ocp.ae 
  • Phone number: +97143516633


Dr. Joseph’s Polyclinic

Dr. Joseph’s Polyclinic handles both medical and surgical aspects of the skin, including cosmetic problems on the skin, scalp, nails and hair. The team of dermatologists provide a full range of diagnostic and treatment services that manage acute and chronic conditions. High-end procedures include lesion electrocautery, intra lesion and other skin rejuvenating procedures. 


Kindcare Medical Center

Kindcare offers comprehensive treatment for patients with chronic skin conditions including autoimmune, atypical nevus, occupational dermatitis, pigmented disorders, acne, psoriasis, eczema, parasites skin disease and much more. The facility treats patients of all ages, from babies to children and adults with skin diseases. Their experienced dermatologists also treat complex conditions including basal cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma related to extensive sun exposure. 

  • Clinic location: Umm Suqeim 2
  • Area: Umm Suqeim 2, Dubai 
  • Website: www.kindcare.ae 
  • Phone number: +97143388588


Blue Tree Clinics

Blue Tree clinic joins the list of the best clinics with professional and knowledgeable dermatologists in Dubai. The clinic focuses on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common skin diseases affecting Dubai residents. That aside, their main interest is on skin cancer and dermatosurgery. They also offer specified skincare products for sensitive skin, such as newborns and young children. 

  • Clinic location: Jumeirah Lakes Towers 
  • Area: Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai 
  • Website: www.bluetreeclinics.com 
  • Phone number: +97144534808


Unicare Medical Center

Unicare is another great dermatology clinic in Dubai offering various range of treatment options from general care for skin conditions, nails, hair to other aesthetic services. The clinic treats common conditions such as Acne, Eczema, Vitiligo, Moles, Warts and other genital skin problems. The center has both surgical and non-surgical treatment for keloids, skin cancers and warts. Aesthetic services include facial skin rejuvenation, chemical peels for photo-damaged skins and microdermabrasion. 

  • Clinic location: Burjuman, Dubai, UAE
  • Area: Burjuman, Dubai
  • Website: www.unicaredubai.com 
  • Phone Number: +97143529292


Jupiter Clinic

Dermatology and aesthetics departments of the Jupiter Clinic offers high-quality patient care. This includes skin, nails, hair disorders and other aesthetic procedures. The clinic offers non-invasive procedures such as mesotherapy and peeling, body contouring, reconstructive plastic surgery, laser hair removal and BBL- forever young treatment. 

  • Clinic location: Al Karama, Dubai, UAE
  • Area: Al Karama, Dubai
  • Website: http://jupiterclinics.ae/ 
  • Clinic phone number: +97143866330

The Bottom Line

Common dermatology procedures in Dubai improve the skin’s appearance, corrects scars, wrinkles and treat other common skin conditions including hyperpigmentation, psoriasis, rosacea, cellulite, and removal of stretch marks. For successful procedures, you should contact a good dermatologist in Dubai who has specialized in cosmetic dermatology. Such professionals leverage the latest techniques and products for an assured result. All these contribute towards favourable outcomes on your affected skin. 

If you have ever thought of getting veneers, it is vital to fully understand the entire process, including the benefits and drawbacks. While most people consider the procedure as one only bearing aesthetic value, it is also an involving dental process, which requires the best cosmetic dentists to undertake. Therefore, consider checking before and after photos before getting dental veneers in Dubai.   

While anyone can benefit from veneers, the procedure is not for everyone. If you do not like the look of your smile or teeth, then you probably need to consult a dental veneer expert. To ensure that you don’t walk into nasty surprises, we have gathered enough facts on the art of sculpting smiles, including the available types, pros and cons, costs, and the process of getting one. After reading this article, you will be in a position to determine whether dental veneers are worth the effort.

Explaining Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin pieces of porcelain, which improve the appearance of your teeth by attaching to the front surface of the tooth. Apart from porcelain, prosthetics can also be made using other materials such as resin and composite matter. The primary goal of veneers is to change the color, shape, or size of your tooth. Precisely, dentists recommend veneers when:

  • Fillings, root canals, and other dental procedures cause discoloration in the teeth
  • Your teeth are broken or chipped
  • Your teeth have an irregular shape
  • Your teeth have gaps
  • You have dental issues causing a lack of self-confidence

If you know how to look after your porcelain veneers, they can last between 7 and 15 years after installing before replacing. 

The Cost of Dental Porcelain Laminates

The cost of porcelain laminates often turns away most patients. However, if you understand how the thin layer of material covering your tooth can enhance the aesthetics of a smile, you won’t be so hesitant speaking to the dentist about them. 

The cost of traditional dental veneers can run from AED 1836 to AED 6978 per tooth, while the price of lumineers ranges between AED 2,938 and AED 7346 per tooth. Several factors influence how much a patient pays for dental veneers, often coming from resin composite materials or porcelain. The factors include:

  • Material

Dentists make dental porcelains from different materials, which vary in price. Opting for more expensive materials is advisable since they last longer than choosing cheap materials that won’t last long. 

  • Dentist

The cost of veneers depends on the dentist you choose. Credible dentists are highly sought-after and will tend to charge more for their services. 

  • Location

The location of a dentistry facility plays a role in determining the ultimate price. In major cities such as Dubai, the cost will be higher than in a rural setting. 

  • Number of Veneers

Getting more veneers will mean paying more in the end since the costs adopt a per veneer price. 

  • Complementary Treatments

Rarely do patients seeking porcelain veneers have them without getting other treatments. Veneers cannot be stained or whitened. Therefore, whitening your teeth professionally, before installing veneers is a wise decision. 

No one can price a beautiful smile that dazzles everyone. Hence, if the cost of dental veneers is beyond your means, consult your dentist about financing options because your dental insurance will not cover the expenses of this cosmetic procedure. 

Dental Veneers Types

Once you and your dentist determine that veneers could be a perfect solution for your dental problem, the next important thing to do is to choose from the several types available:

  • Porcelain Veneers: Porcelains are the most expensive and best-looking type of dental veneers. They are bespoke to fit any shade and size of natural teeth. During installation, dental professionals use special cement and ultraviolet light to apply porcelain over the existing tooth.
  • Composite Veneers: Composites are similar to porcelain but only differ in their constitution. In most cases, composite veneers come from the same components with cavity fillings and are a standard solution in addressing gaps or minor chips in teeth. Composites are both less expensive and durable than porcelain veneers.  
  • Instant Veneers: Just as the name suggests, instant veneers provide a quicker option because they are pre-made. For that reason, dentists often apply instant veneers during your initial consultation for a missing or broken tooth. Instant veneers are less costly than porcelain, though they cannot always give an exact match to your natural teeth because they come readymade. 
  • Removable Veneers: Removable veneers are the latest type of dental veneers falling between instant and porcelain veneers. Dental lab experts make these veneers easy to remove whenever necessary and can match your natural teeth. Removable veneers provide the least expensive option in the four categories, although they do not offer a long-term solution to missing or broken teeth, or any other underlying causes to dental problems. 

The Pros of Dental Veneers

Veneers provide the following benefits: 

  • They increase your confidence because they give a flawless smile. 
  • They give a natural tooth appearance
  • Gum tissue have excellent tolerance to porcelain
  • The molding of dental veneers is specific to a patient’s natural dental orientation, making it almost impossible to tell the difference with your natural tooth. 
  • Porcelain dental veneers are resistant to stains
  • Veneers provide a flexible solution to underlying dental problems. Patients can choose something as close to their natural teeth color as possible to make the change not so visible, although they can naturally make any tooth to appear brilliant white. 
  • Applying veneers involves bonding to your natural tooth in its existing condition, which eliminates the need for drilling or shaping the teeth. 
  • Veneers do not require special maintenance apart from routine brushing and flossing.

The Cons of Dental Veneers

Here are some disadvantages to keep in mind before taking the plunge into dental veneers: 

  • A dental veneer is an irreversible process since it involves the removal of a small portion of the enamel from the teeth to accommodate the shell.  
  • Veneers are prone to cracking and chipping than fillings since porcelain is naturally delicate. It would be best if you avoided teeth grinding and biting nails as one of the ways to protect the porcelain material.
  • Dental veneers are generally expensive
  • The tooth tends to experience increased sensitivity to hot and cold after fixing the shell on the surface. 
  • Decaying teeth under the veneer is a common occurrence, which often leads to other procedures down the road, including root canals and crowns.

The Procedure of Dental Veneers

With the pros and cons of veneers in mind, you can get the entire procedure of fixing dental porcelain veneers at the dentist’s facility. The process includes:

  • The dentist begins by taking X-rays and making impressions of teeth to receive veneers. 
  • The impressions go to the laboratory for final tailoring, which often takes two to four weeks after the first consultation. 
  • Depending on your dental condition, some dentists may install temporary veneers as you wait for the permanent prosthetics to veneers as you wait for the permanent prosthetics to come in.
  • Applying permanent veneers involves removing approximately 1mm of enamel from your teeth, which is less than what dentists remove during crowns or fillings. 
  • After enamel removal, the dentist applies special cement to the prosthetic and places it on your tooth’s surface. 
  • Special lighting quickly cures the cement to create a strong bond. 
  • The dentist can then make any other necessary adjustments. 

Most dental professionals recommend follow-up appointments a week or two after placing the veneers to see if they are functioning correctly. 


If you have decided to install dental veneers, the first step is to visit a licensed dentist and making sure you understand what the process entails, including the cost implications. At Glow Medical and Dental Center, we are renowned for providing a wide range of dentistry solutions to gum issues, broken teeth, teeth voids, and teeth whitening, among others.

As part of Dr. Ismael Healthcare Group, our qualified dentists specialize in the successful completion of simple and complex cosmetic procedures that enhance your smile. If you are not sure what works best for your aesthetic needs, contact our specialized dentists to book for installation of dental veneers in Dubai. Alternatively, send us an email at appointments@glow.ae, or call 04- 456- 4889 for a proper consultation with cosmetic dentistry professionals today. 

In recent times, cosmetic dental procedures have gained immense popularity, with more people checking into their local cosmetic dentists to get a better smile. Finding the best cosmetic dentist is challenging. This is because there is no specific degree on how to become a cosmetic dentist. There is no licensure and other accredited accolades that can guide one when searching. 

For this reason, you will have to depend on referrals and reputations to find the best cosmetic dentist in Dubai. Intensive education, experience, attention to detail, and advanced training are just but a few character combination that makes a great dentist. To ease your search, below are 3 vital tips that will lead you to the best cosmetic dentist. 

1. Education, Research and Experience

Like other healthcare providers, it is important to begin your search by conducting a background check on the individual’s level of education and training. These two are the most important determining factors when searching for the right cosmetic dentist. As for education status, check the dentist’s undergraduate degree, graduate degree, and post-graduate if available. 

The best place to source this information is from the dentist’s biography. Most dentists marketing their services in Dubai have detailed biographies of degrees and accomplishments listed on their websites. Advanced training, coupled with continuing education, are a must for cosmetic dentists. Several registered organizations offer such training, including the European Dental Education Centre and Dubai School of Dental Medicine. 

That aside, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask the doctor questions pertaining to his/her qualifications. Ask the number of years they have been practicing, where they received their training, the organizations they belong to, and more. Qualified cosmetic dentists will appreciate such questions as they will know they are dealing with an educated patient who is not basing their decision on cost and convenience. 

2. Understand the Cosmetic Procedures

There are many cosmetic dental procedures. Which procedure do you need? Note that cosmetic dentistry not only involves improving your smile but also solves your oral health and  other common mouth issues. For instance,  those with cavities filled with traditional fillings can visit a cosmetic dentist for tooth-colored fillings. Some of the common cosmetic dental procedures include; 

  • Teeth whitening 

Also known as tooth bleaching, this is a popular option for those who want a simple and quick way of changing their smile. It is a good choice for those who need nothing apart from teeth brightening. This procedure involves removing and cleaning plaques and stains from teeth. Tooth whitening products are available and sold over the counter, but it is wise to have a dentist undertake the procedure for quality assurance. Apart from whitening products, your dentist can use laser teeth whitening, a procedure that uses advanced technology to bleach teeth within an hour. 

  • Invisalign braces 

Braces are commonly associated with kids, but adults can get them too if they need an aesthetic smile. Invisalign braces are a good choice for adults as nobody can tell if you are wearing them. Braces not only enhance aesthetic smile but also corrects misalignment that often causes chronic headaches and pain. 

  • Dental veneers 

Veneers have been the gold standard cosmetic dental procedure for many decades. The procedure involves thin porcelain shells that easily fit the facial surface of teeth. To make the veneer, the tooth enamel is filed down to make an impression. The impression is then sent to a dental lab as a baseline for making the custom veneer. Dental veneers are a good choice for individuals with fractured or chipped teeth or darkly stained teeth that aren’t removed by bleaching. 

  • Enamel abrasion 

This is another good procedure to remove teeth discoloration. Enamel abrasion leverages micro-abrasion techniques to remove tooth surface stains, including those from tobacco products, soda, coffee, wine, and soda. Note that enamel abrasion doesn’t eliminate intrinsic stains or those inside the tooth. The best cosmetic dentist in Dubai will find an alternative procedure for such cases. 

  • Dental bonding 

Dental or enamel bonding is a procedure done to those with deeply stained or fragmented teeth. This procedure uses composite resin material similar to those used for white dental fillings. This composite bonding material is moldable, and the dentist can shape it to any material fitting your intended shape. Despite being an easy procedure, most people prefer veneers to dental bonding due to  how long enamel bonding lasts. It doesn’t last for long. 

  • Dental crowns 

As the name suggests, dental crowns involve the insertion of cap-like structures over damaged teeth. They cover decayed, severely discoloured, cracked, damaged, or chipped teeth. Overall, they help restore the appearance of teeth in size and shape. Crowns are made from ceramic, composite, porcelain, or fused metal materials. With proper care, dental crowns can last for 30 years. 

3. Schedule a Consultation and Ask About the Cost

Once you are confident with the research and the cosmetic procedure you need, the next step is to schedule a consultation. Meetings with a cosmetic dentist shouldn’t take a lot of time. It will help you determine if you are comfortable with the staff, office, and the doctor who will handle the procedure. During the consultation, ask as many questions about the procedure, including the advantages, side effects, and any possible consequences. 

You should also inquire about the cost. However, don’t base your choice of cosmetic dentist solely on cost. Besides, you shouldn’t put your dental health at risk trying to save some bucks. Cosmetic dentistry might not be included in various dental insurance. Therefore, ask around to get several quotations and review what different experts charge. 

The Bottom Line

Most people hesitate to seek cosmetic dentistry to brighten, straighten and perfect their smiles, because of the perception that they are available only for the wealthy and celebrities. However, cosmetic dentistry is affordable in Dubai. All you should do is find the best cosmetic dentist in Dubai for all your needs. For the best services, talk to Dr. Ismail Health Care Group. For immediate services, call us on 04-456-4889 or 04-456-1946. You can as well send us an email at appointments@glow.ae to get an aesthetic smile. 

The number of cases requiring dental treatment is currently on the rise. Many people are losing their teeth, perhaps due to increased availability of tooth decaying foodstuffs and sweets. If you are in this fold, it is important that you find the best cosmetic dentist in Dubai to achieve desired results. Always remember that cosmetic dentistry isn’t officially recognized specialty. Therefore, any dentist can refer themselves legally as cosmetic dentists. 

Whereas this is advantageous, it makes it daunting to find the right cosmetic dentist who will give you a decent smile. Despite every dentist being knowledgeable on the typical  dental procedures within cosmetic dentistry realm, the ability to achieve high-level expertise requires extensive study, mastery, and training, which takes years. So, how do you find the best? There are many tips you can use to evaluate and choose the right dentist. Below are key features to look for in the best cosmetic dentists:

7 Characteristics of Best Cosmetic Dentist

  • Satisfactory Results

Asking for a picture smile gallery is the best place to start your search. Apart from photos, you can ask for any available video clip showing the teeth of their patients before and after the procedure. Proof of good work is on the dentist’s work. Such pictures provide evidence of the individual’s overall competency. You can as well have the dentists recommended by your family and friends whose smiles can serve as enough proof.

  • Professional Qualifications

After checking out the dentist’s gallery, proceed by inquiring about the individual’s professional qualifications. As mentioned, there is no officially recognized dental education beyond dental medicine. Therefore, to find the best cosmetic dentist in Dubai, look for additional key points that the dentist possesses. You should check for relevance, advanced training, and philosophy of the professional qualifications.

As for training, all dentists can successfully undertake tooth restoration procedures. However, not all dentists are qualified enough to perform cosmetic procedures as per the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry standards. For instance, despite the fact that all doctors attend medical schools and graduate as general physicians, not all can perform successful plastic surgery. That said, find a cosmetic dentist who is an active member of a professional dentist body in Dubai and regularly undertakes continuous education.

Relevance is the other essential determinant of professional qualifications. Professional cosmetic dentists should adapt to the current changing technology in the industry. The best cosmetic dentist should be well versed with top dentistry technological advancements such as sonic, digital, 3D scans, and UV technologies that simplify dental procedures. With that in mind, good cosmetic dentists should be up to date with modern cosmetic procedures.

  • Positive Patients’ Testimonials

Nothing beats the accuracy of testimonials given by satisfied or dissatisfied patients. As you conduct your online research, read through what previous customers have to say about the patient. Visit the dental centre’s website, use online search engines or local social media platforms to gather such reviews. With the testimonials at hand, you can then decide if you should proceed to seek the cosmetic dentists’ services.

  • Several Treatment Options

There is nothing worse than seeking dental care in a facility with limited options. When attending consultation meetings, ensure that the cosmetic dentist outlines the various treatment options available. The best cosmetic dentist not only handles teeth whitening and installation of dental crowns on crooked and uneven teeth. The professional should be ready to handle a wide array of cosmetic procedures that beautify your smile.

The dentist should handle cosmetic treatments including laser gum contouring, cosmetic bonding, white restorations, minimal preparation porcelain veneers, tooth whitening procedures, and orthodontics, among many other common dental procedures.

The Wrap Up

Cosmetic dental procedures are fragile and can either make or break your smile. It is due to this that you should employ the services of the best cosmetic dentist in Dubai. Our team of cosmetic dentists are proud of their work and looking forward to showing their before and after pictures. You can also check them from our website. We  provide a wide array of cosmetic dental procedures with several treatment options at affordable prices. You can visit our offices at the Office Park Building, Ground Floor, call us through +97144564889 or make email appointments through appointments@glow.ae. Our offices are open from 9am to 7pm, from Saturday to Thursday. 

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