Dental veneers are a popular anti-aging formula nowadays, but it does not mean anyone can get them. However, porcelain veneers are an excellent option if you are looking to remodel your smile. They are thin, tooth-shaped shells covering the front surface of your teeth. By covering up imperfections, you can finally get the smile you crave for.  Nonetheless, there are essential things to keep in mind before getting dental veneers in Dubai.

If you are prone to teeth staining beverages like coffee or cigarette smoking, choosing porcelain veneers might be the right thing to do. These veneers are good at resisting stains compared to resin veneers. While you must maintain proper oral hygiene, porcelain dental veneers are unlikely to get discolored.  

Here are ten more things to keep in mind before getting these prosthetics. 

  • It takes more than one visit to your dentist

When going in for your initial consultation, you shouldn’t expect to come out with perfect looking teeth. There are several important steps to be implemented before installing veneers. First off, a smile analysis expert must determine if you are a good candidate for the prosthetics. This is because less invasive solutions such as dental bonding and teeth whitening could provide excellent alternatives. 

  • Your new smile needs customization

One of the most compelling things about installing porcelain veneers in Dubai is that they outcome  looks natural on patients. That allows you to address anything you may not like about how your smile looks. After your dentist takes an image or impression of your dental formula, this information goes to the lab to make custom veneers. 

  • Patients wear temporary veneers for a couple of weeks

Fitting temporary veneers is a common practice as permanent ones are made. A temporary bonding cement usually holds the veneers in place. By wearing the temporary veneers, you can tell how much the procedure will enhance your smile. It prevents you from getting nasty surprises when you obtaining permanent veneers. The dentists will make adjustments to the permanent prosthetics if any issues come up as you use the temporary veneers. 

  • Some Enamel is removed from the teeth being treated

Installing veneers involves the removal of a small portion of the enamel. The dentists determine the amount of enamel to be removed, which is often proportional to the thickness of the veneers being installed. This makes dental veneers permanent since the exposed parts after removing enamel need to be protected with prosthetics going forward. 

  • The procedure is not painful

Most people are afraid of getting dental veneers thinking the process is painful. While you might experience some discomfort during the installation of veneers, dentists usually administer anesthetic, which quells most of the pain as a portion of the enamel is removed. Dental sedatives such as nitrous oxide or laughing gas can be used to prevent you from experiencing severe pain. 

  • Veneers might be replaced or repaired in future

It is important that you understand the basics of how to look after your porcelain veneers. That way, they can last as long as 25 years. However, these prosthetics are not designed to last a lifetime. Therefore, you should expect them to get worn down from years of use. In essence, veneers are identical to teeth in their functioning. Therefore, it is easy for these prosthetics to crack or chip if you are not careful when wearing them. 

While porcelain dental veneers can stand up to normal wear and tear, you must take some considerations when installing them. For these reasons, you should watch out for bad habits such as munching hard foods and teeth grinding which can damage your veneers and warrant their replacement.

  • Not all veneers require the enamel to be removed

If you do not want the dentist to remove some portion of the enamel from imperfect or flawed teeth, consider using ultra-thin veneers. Understanding the factors explaining dental veneers cost will help you realize  that ultra-thin veneers are not only more expensive than regular veneers, but they also require highly experienced dental professionals to install. For that reason, whether some part of the enamel is removed or not often depends on the kind of veneers you are getting. Consulting your dentist on the available options, including prices will help determine whether enamel removal will be necessary. 

  • Patients keep their natural teeth

Veneers work differently to dental implants. The natural tooth is the base over which veneers are attached. Since porcelain veneers are very thin, they do not bulge out of your mouth to necessitate tooth extraction. Besides, extracting the tooth will leave no room over which to install dental veneers. 

Additionally, some patients prefer getting dental veneers on all teeth. It is not always necessary. In some instances, veneers are just required for one or two teeth. Therefore, you should consult your dentist and consider the budgetary implications before getting veneers on all teeth. 

  • Not all patients can get porcelain dental veneers

Even as dental veneers are a popular cosmetic procedure today, not everyone can get them. Identifying the  best clinic for veneers in Dubai and booking an appointment is essential before getting dental veneers. This is because the dental expert will examine you to approve that you actually need dental veneers. Tooth decay and oral infections can prevent you from getting these prosthetics. If the dentist finds that you are not the right candidate for dental veneers, they will approve you for another cosmetic procedure suitable for your prevailing condition. 

  • Dental veneers are a cosmetic procedure: Your Insurance might not have you covered!

It is essential noting that porcelain dental veneers are prosthetics, which involve a cosmetic procedure. For that reason, you will find that most insurance plans do not cover prosthetics, including dental veneers. You might make out of pocket payments for the procedure. 


Patients get veneers to fix a variety of dental cosmetic issues. For instance, they can deal with worn-down teeth, gaps, discolored teeth, chips, and misalignment. If you are not charmed by the idea of permanent dental veneers, you can still get temporary ones. At Glow Medical and Dental Center, we have been treating thousands of patients with diverse chronic and acute dental conditions. The profound knowledge and experience with our skilled dentists has earned us unwavering trust from patients across the UAE. As one of the clinics who offer best veneers in Dubai, we feature state of the art equipment for the most accurate diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of dental conditions. 


Additional Information

For a tailored and most affordable dental solution, walk into our facility at Office Park Building, Ground Floor, from Saturday to Thursday between 9am and 7pm; give us a call at +97144564889, or schedule appointments via email through appointments@glow.ae. Our dental specialists are always ready to assist. 

Dental veneers, also known as porcelain veneers are thin, tailor-made shells with color shades that are identical to the tooth. When these dental porcelain laminates cover the front surface of teeth with cosmetic issues, the immediate effect is improving  your appearance. Therefore, this branch of cosmetic dentistry boosts confidence in our smiles by hiding the slight tooth discoloration and damage. Veneers cost in Dubai, however, is a primary concern for the majority of consumers.

In cosmetic dentistry, veneers are custom fittings for the teeth. They are made with thin porcelain shells, which fit over your teeth to provide an attractive natural look. For that reason, dental veneers are an essential part of the dental practice, because they can solve myriad aesthetic issues of the teeth, including:

  • Misaligned dental formula
  • Abnormal teeth spacing
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Chipped teeth 
  • Stained teeth
  • Uneven teeth 

Understanding how dental veneers work will shed more light on the cost of obtaining this procedure. 

What You Can Achieve With Porcelain Veneers

The idea behind dental veneers is easy to understand. Veneers are normally composite resin or porcelain shells. The two materials are easy to customize and are thin enough to fit over your teeth without signs of discomfort. The thin porcelain shells are fixed on the front side of your teeth to cover any blemishes. 

When fixed properly, by a qualified dental specialist, veneers can:

→ Brighten Your Smile

The food we eat including drinks usually stains our teeth. That is why brushing your teeth properly after every meal is a good rule of thumb. Otherwise, removing those stains becomes difficult. If that is the case, do not worry. Dental veneers can easily hide the stains and replace them with a brighter smile. 

→ Replace Dented Enamel

The dental enamel is designed to be structurally strong. However, our cleaning and eating habits often limit the protective strength of the enamel. These habits easily become the reason for dental enamel’s destruction. If you have been overzealous with brushing the teeth and acidic foods, taking dental veneers will replace the dented enamel. 

→ Solve Minor Cosmetic Issues

You may have different options for addressing issues with crooked or gapped teeth.

Solution: Dental veneers are among your best choices for making the teeth attractive. 

For Whom Are Veneers Meant?

We all know that dental veneers have invaluable benefits in solving different aesthetic problems with our dental formula. When experiencing some aesthetic dental issues and are not sure whether veneers will work for you, here are the primary reasons to take it:

  • Take dental veneers to improve the quality of your smile
  • Dental veneers are perfect if you want a striking look on your teeth 
  • Take porcelain veneers as a safe and effective dental procedure 

The Cost of Dental Veneers in Dubai

When explaining the details of any virtual smile makeover, a competent dental specialist should suggest various options and help you understand the implications of each. Dental crowns are often the other alternative to dental veneers when seeking to enhance your smile. 

While it is true that they can both yield similar cosmetic results, the two have different applications. Dental crowns typically cover the whole tooth. On the other hand, dental veneers only cover the front surface of your tooth. That is the visible side when we smile. 

Why Veneers Cost More

Veneers are entirely porcelain crowns. That is unlike the case with dental crowns that have metal reinforcement. Because of the material that makes porcelain dental veneers, their cost in Dubai normally varies between AED 2251 and AED 4499. In most cases, however, booking an appointment with a certified dentistry facility can give accurate costs for your case. 

Other Factors Influencing Veneers Cost in Dubai

You can fill the cracks and gaps in your smile through porcelain veneers. However, this comes at a cost, to which you must prepare. Dental veneers can be expensive and usually depend on multiple variable factors. The primary factors influencing the cost of veneers in Dubai include: 

  • The type or quality of dental veneers 
  • The existing dental situation or your teeth’s condition
  • The location of your dentistry facility  
  • The number of teeth for dental veneers 
  • The credentials and experience of your dental surgeon

These factors explain why dental veneers are unique and can influence the cost of an individual procedure. 

Aesthetic Value

The aesthetic results of porcelain are truly unquestionable and trustworthy. For instance, an equipped dental facility can manipulate porcelain’s color to the shade of your natural teeth for natural results. 


Moreover, dental veneers carry a lengthy lifespan with outstanding results. Typically, all veneers come in strong, long-lasting material. Because of that, you can use veneers just as you do your natural teeth. 

Outstanding Functioning

Besides, veneers can avail of the most outstanding functioning in dental implants and fixtures. They usually give better functioning for longer. However, you will want to show extra care when using your veneers. It is advisable to eat hard objects using your other teeth. 


If you are deciding about an important dental procedure, look for all the available options. At Glow Medical and Dental Centre, our dentists situated  at Internet city provide a whole range of dental services, including dental crowns and bridges. We have grown over the years to offer some of the best dental specialties and consultancies in Dubai. Contact our competent team of dental specialties for an appointment to discuss your smile makeover procedure. Through our qualified facility and professionals, we will explain the  veneers cost in Dubai, based on your tailored solution. 

A majority of models, business people, and celebrities nowadays are sporting picture-worthy smiles courtesy of dental porcelain laminates. Veneers are widely used as a perfect solution to achieving a striking smile with perfectly shaped white teeth. Though a bit pricey, the aesthetic results that porcelain veneers in Dubai promise are far more than the cost implications, especially if you know how to effectively care for them.   

Explaining Dental Porcelain Veneers

Commonly known as dental veneers, dental porcelain veneers are thinly shells coming from composite resin or porcelain materials and attach to the teeth’s front surface. To make them more functional in cosmetic dentistry applications, the material is normally tailored to fit over your teeth. For this reason, porcelain veneers are a popular solution to worn down, gapped, stained, misaligned, or even chipped teeth. 

Unlike dental bonding, veneers are not prone to cracking, although their biggest advantage is in how natural they look. Veneers carry a gleam real look of freshly cleaned teeth in comparison with other solutions like dentures. Nonetheless, this selling point can also become veneer’s biggest giveaway. How is it so? 

Since veneers resist staining so well, they can quickly look too white, especially when sitting next to natural, discolored teeth. 

How Should You Care For Your Veneers?

Looking after your veneers doesn’t need a whole regimen. After all, they are supposed to feel as natural as they appear. Therefore, caring for them is as effortless as following these tips:

  • Keep veneers clean

You must look after veneers just as you do your real teeth. Brushing your teeth at least twice daily, besides using dental floss, are sure ways to uphold optimal dental hygiene. Poor oral hygiene carries far-reaching consequences including gum disease, which may result in your gums receding, hence exposing veneer borders. This puts your veneers at risk of detaching or chipping. 

  • Get the right toothpaste

Some of the toothpaste brands may include high-abrasive ingredients both for your teeth and for veneers. Therefore, when choosing a toothpaste brand, you should be on the lookout for substances such as sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide in the ingredients’ list. The former’s gritty nature can cause discoloration or veneers losing their sheen. On the other hand, hydrogen peroxide will gradually erode your veneer’s surface. Choosing gel products over paste form can prevent these risks. 

Moreover, you shouldn’t feel compelled to purchase whitening toothpaste as they are unnecessary, and can be harmful to your veneers.

  • Avoid biting into hard objects.

We all know that teeth are not only important for eating but can also come in handy as tools for, like, opening bottles. Unfortunately, such-like activities are detrimental not just to your teeth, but also to your veneers. Hard objects including glass bottles and metal caps can chip your porcelain. If you are often biting into random objects, like pens and pencils, you will want to consider ending the mannerism. 

  • Choose what you eat.

The rule touching on biting hard items also applies to foods. You should keep away from tough foods such as hard chips, raw carrots, boney meat cuts, and raw apples. Besides watching out for hard food items, you should also be careful about excessive eating of especially, sugary and acidic foods. They aid in tooth decay, which is not good for your veneers either. 

  • Avoid excessive alcohol

Too much alcohol consumption softens the bonding composites that hold the porcelain veneers to your teeth. Even though it doesn’t make your veneers come off, it will expose the bonding line to stains, damage, and deterioration. There are other products containing alcohol, which you may not know.  You will still want to check the list of ingredients for toothpaste and mouthwash, to see if they include alcohol. It can just be as harmful as the liquor itself. 

  • Manage teeth grinding

Teeth grinding or bruxism is a problem for some people, to which they cannot help. If you grind your teeth when sleeping, checking with your doctor can help manage the issue. In most situations, the doctor might recommend wearing a mouthguard when you are asleep. Teeth grinding damages veneers. Therefore, making sure the issue is addressed will save you from additional expenses. 


The Wrap Up

Dental porcelain laminates are very popular in cosmetic dentistry, especially during smile makeover procedures. These products help to enhance the appearance of discolored, cracked and unevenly spaced teeth. However, it is essential to keep in mind that veneers do not last forever. Your dentist will tell you when it’s suitable to get replacement of veneers. They may also recommend a different solution. Therefore, effective care for the veneers includes visiting your dentist regularly.  

Here at the Glow Medical and Dental Center, we offer a full range of dental services from dental bonding to laser teeth whitening. Our clinic represents some of the best cosmetic dentists in the industry, who will provide expert guidance to restore the life of your smile through porcelain veneers in Dubai.

When we think of milestones in children’s growth, we often think of their first steps our day at school. But what about their first baby tooth or dental visit

Dental health is a huge factor in determining the overall well-being of your child. Therefore, you must develop the habit, early on, to take note of your child’s dental development. Your child’s dental health will impact how well they can speak and eat, and how comfortable they are smiling and socialising. 

If you’re wondering how to make these vital stages of your child’s life more fulfilling for your entire family, you have found the right guide. Read further to find out just how dentists in Dubai believe you should handle each dental milestone in your child’s life.

Why These Milestones Are Important

Children learn through emulation. For this reason, it is important to show your child that you prioritize tooth care from early on. From exposing them to your flossing, to organising “tooth loss” celebrations, you may want to consider a range of dental support tips. You should also remember that children are likely to be scared of dental change and institutions that represent it. They may have subconscious trauma from the baby tooth growth process, which frequently involves pain and fever. When they lose their first tooth, they’re likely to feel discomfort in their gums for a few days. Therefore, as a parent, you must be present and supportive to ensure your child isn’t disturbed by this process. 

Prioritizing Dental Care In Your Home

While milestones are important, daily care is is crucial. Parents must ensure they motivate their children to use their teeth (with chew toys) and maintain good oral hygiene. Make sure you introduce autonomous teeth-brushing early on and encourage your child to brush their teeth after all meals. Dental floss and mouthwash should be available and visible in your home. Care routines should also be a bonding activity for you and your small children. 

Milestones You Must Pay Attention To

If you’re going to support your children through their dental milestones, you will need to be prepared for them. You will also need an idea of how to best handle these memorable moments. 

  • Baby Teeth 

Baby teeth are a cute, endearing thought for all parents. They facilitate chewing and signify a new stage in your baby’s growth. Once babies have developed a few teeth, they can comfortably move on to more solid food. However, this stage is often a difficult one for your baby. The first baby tooth eruption will probably occur around the 5th month mark. At this time, you can expect your baby to frequently cry, occasionally have elevated body temperature and (if breast-feeding) to chew harder on the nipple. At this state, your baby is feeling discomfort from the tooth itching through the gum. This discomfort can lead to inflammation, which can be quite worrisome to parents. However, this stage can be facilitated by a trip to the doctor. A dentist examination will assert whether the tooth is erupting in the right direction. Your care professional is also likely to prescribe disposable toys or medication for your baby to ease their pain. Ensure you remain in proximity with your baby at this first dental appointment, providing warmth and comfort through the examination. This will prevent “dentist-phobia” in your child. 

  • Thumb-Sucking And Bottle-Feeding 

While this stage seems more behavioural than dental, it is actually entirely based on tooth growth. The stronger your baby’s teeth, the easier they will be able to hold on to the tip of their bottle without straining to carry it. Furthermore, they are likely to begin sucking their thumb as a comforting motion appeasing the pressure on their gums from tooth growth. This is usually the stage at which you must begin brushing their teeth, using a specialised children’s brush. Ensure you remain gentle and patient. Your demeanor during this process can greatly affect how your child perceives tooth-brushing. Therefore, keep it light-hearted by playing children’s music in the background and most importantly, smile bright! 

  • Mixed Dentition 

This is often a stressful stage for parents because children are rarely conscious, by the time they start to grow “permanent teeth” of the difference between their two set of teeth. At this stage, you should be prepared to frequently rush to the nearest dental clinic after a “tooth accident”. Your children, around this phase, may choose to engage in activities in which they could suddenly lose their teeth (most sports and recess games). They may also begin to experiment with gum and sweets, and can grow cavities on both their baby and permanent teeth. Furthermore, the natural set of your child’s teeth may be jeopardised by “dental overcrowding”, in which a permanent tooth will grow in the same spot as an unfallen baby tooth is set. This stage is crucial, as it is also the one in which your child may start to develop insecurity about their smile. Mixed dentition starts to become apparent around 5 years of age, which often coincides with first days at school and other socialising. As kids meet other kids, it is common for them to make appearance comparisons, which can result in the bullying of children with evident differences. While some of these differences must be embraced, others, like poor dentition, should be tackled from early on with frequent dental visits. Early prevention of over-crowding, cavities and crooked teeth growth could save your child a lot of time in the dentist’s chair as a teenager or adult. 

  • Braces

If you have followed all the guidance mentioned above, it is likely that your child is not worried by the prospect of dental work. However, it is your support and guidance they will need to access it. If braces are not covered by your insurance, you may be wondering how essential they truly are for your child. However, with the greater access of dental care, fewer kids have to deal with overbites, crooked teeth and gaps. Therefore, it is important to have an early discussion with your child about their “comfort” with their teeth. Ideally, you should be willing and able to invest in braces from the best dental clinic in Dubai if your child is suffering from any of the common tooth-setting problems mentioned above. Otherwise, they are likely to avoid smiling or speaking openly as they grow older. However, if this is not an option for you, you will want to book an appointment with a dentist clinic in Dubai to discuss the alternative treatments are available. 

A Concluding Note

If you live in the Emirates, you are fortunate to have an array of skilled professionals from all sectors around you. Just as you would choose the best pediatrician available to you for your child, you should also opt for the best dentist in Dubai. Your first dental appointment with your child should be as early as you can make it. Make sure that you discuss with your chosen professional all the treatments your child is advised to go through over time. If you are looking for braces, dentures or teeth whitening in Dubai services for your child, click here. With a selection of experts versed in all safe, effective dental care practices, you can expect to brighten your child’s smile within only a few sessions. For further information on Dubai teeth whitening or other dental care routines, consult this page

When the pearly whites are losing their glimmering charm, many people are forced to live with a smile they are unhappy with. Cosmetic dentistry services such as teeth whitening can restore the initial brightness in your teeth. However, with the options, risks and costs involved in each process, how do you tell whether you are making the right move? To help you get clear insights on teeth whitening, we have gathered the most commonly asked questions about teeth whitening in Dubai


Q: When do I need professional teeth whitening?


A:  The moment you notice the teeth changing to brown or yellow, it could mean seeking teeth whitening services. However, before embarking on the pursuit of sparkling white teeth, it is vital to confirm with your dentist. You could be looking at a different dental problem altogether. Your dentist will conduct all necessary oral checks to ensure that you can undergo a teeth-whitening procedure. In addition, they will recommend the right whitening process for your teeth, depending on your dental condition. Some of the discoloration problems, for example, are solved with veneers better than a bleaching agent would do. 

On the other hand, when making plans to invest in a whiter smile, being prepared usually pays. You will want to watch out for the fair share of cowboys in the dental industry. This is on top of wide-ranging over the counter products that could put your dental health at risk. Therefore, it is best to investigate facts before unleashing your credit card.


Q: How safe is laser teeth whitening?


A: Teeth whitening entails numerous options including bleaching kits, holistic remedies, toothpaste, and in-chair treatments. With all the options available for brightening your smile, it is important to ensure the treatment is approved by the relevant authorities and is going to take place in a recognized clinical facility. Most peroxide-based or bleaching teeth whitening products are safe if you follow the instructions from the manufacturer.  


Q: Where can I access teeth whitening treatment?


A: It is also essential that only registered dental specialists carry out whitening treatment. Many products available for purchase on eCommerce sites and over the counter often pose serious health risks. This is particularly for bleach-based products since you cannot tell whether the levels contained are safe and can affect consumers with receding gums. You should be keen not to undertake any whitening treatments offered in beauty shops and salons. They usually come with various risks, and only a certified dentist should carry out the procedure. 

Begin by looking for a check-up with your dental expert when considering teeth whitening. They will help to ascertain that your mouth is healthy for the treatment you need. You can then start at various options with the dental professional.   


Q: When does one use teeth whitening strips?


A: Teeth whitening strips are among the best in-chair treatments you can easily procure. The treatment is safe for most people and easy to use. While there is no official guideline on when to use teeth whitening strips, the treatment is suitable for less permanent teeth discoloration. They are kits you can easily use on the go after meals to maintain a bright smile. Those with more intense discoloration, however, should consult their dentist for the right whitening treatment. Make it a habit to get the recommendation of a dentist and observe product instructions for in-chair treatments. 


Q: How long does teeth whitening last?


A: The effects of teeth whitening can last for as long as three years. However, not everyone experiences similar results due to different conditions at play. For example, with a smoking habit, or drinking and eating foods that stain your teeth, the effect of teeth whitening is less likely to be long-lasting. While teeth whitening treatments can restore your pearly whites’ shiny look, it is your responsibility to maintain a new smile.


Q: Which is best between in-office and take-home treatments?


A: In-office treatments will typically keep your smile bright for about twelve months. On the other hand, most take-home products you will find at a dentists’ usually provide several months of a bright smile. The latter usually contain carbamide peroxide that helps with safe bleaching from home. Most people find the need for another touch-up after about four to six months, depending on individual needs. 


Q: Does electric toothbrush assist with teeth whitening?


A: Many dental services recommend the use of an electric toothbrush for teeth whitening. The electric toothbrush comes with special technology that can whiten your teeth in as short as seven days. When shopping for a teeth whitening electric toothbrush, choose one that has a setting specifically for that. Besides whitening, this product improves the health of your gums over continued usage. However, like any other teeth-whitening treatment, you will want to seek your dentists’ opinion. 


Investing in private dental care isn’t the only solution to getting the best results for your smile. When it comes to staining your teeth, you will want to avoid cigarettes, coffee, and tea, as well as red wine.

At Dr. Ishmael Health Practice, we offer quick and effective teeth whitening techniques among other dentistry services. Contact our dental specialists for laser teeth whitening in Dubai and among other specialized dental solutions.

It is easy to predict the outcome of a root canal treatment with many sources quoting success rates ranging between 86% and 98%. However, when the symptoms of tooth infection are recurrent, it can mean a failed process. It is advisable for patients who have gone through endodontic tooth therapy to undergo examination from their dentist after initial treatment. Therefore, follow-ups to the dentist are essential in ascertaining a successful root canal procedure. In addition, it helps to verify that the treated tooth is properly functioning. 

Despite endodontic treatments having high rates of success, root canal failure remains a big challenge both for patients and for dental professionals. With more patients in Dubai taking up root canal treatments, it is vital to prevent or minimize the primary causes of root canal failure. Unsuitable debridement, presence of bacteria in the tooth canal and apex, cheap quality dental obturation, improper root canal filling, as well as coronal leakage are among the mutual causes of unsuccessful root canal procedures. 

Many factors have been quoted to contribute to unsuccessful endodontic therapy, with the most common ones comprising: 

  • Persistence of extra-canal and intra-canal bacteria 
  • Inadequate canal filling 
  • Inappropriate coronal sealing 
  • Untreated canals 
  • Errors in iatrogenic procedures like poorly designed access cavity 
  • Complications with instruments 


5 Common Causes of Root Canal Failure


  • Bacteria Persistence

Persistence in microbiological infections is among the foremost causes of endodontic failure. The role of bacteria in infections is not news in the human health system. When germs are present in the root canal during root canal obturation, the process stands a higher chance of failure.

A study on clinical oral surgery suggests that bacteria, especially those sheltering in root canal areas like dentinal tubules, ramifications, and isthmuses can easily evade disinfectants. Apart from the medical removal of infected tissues in the canal, leaking apical seals can also contribute to failure in treatment because of bacterial persistence. Therefore, it is essential that your endodontist in Dubai conduct effective canal cleaning to increase the chances of a favorable outcome.

  • Overextending or Inadequate Root Filling

Poor quality filling and sealing techniques of the cleaned root canal is another colossal factor in endodontic failure. For example, studies carried out to determine coronal restorations in root canal treatments established the root canal as the most important aspect of a successful endodontic procedure. In order to improve the success rates of root canal treatment, dental experts should watch out for under extended and overextended root filling. 

  • Unsuitable Coronal Seal

When undergoing root canal treatment, a competent dentist should use a properly sealing coronal restoration after the procedure. This prevents access by any bacteria, which are present in the mouth. Therefore, patients should confirm with their medical practitioners that an impervious seal would be used in the coronal areas. It is essential for a successful diagnosis of the tooth that has been endodontically treated. An under-extended obturation along with the poor quality of the coronal seal, for example, has created havoc that results in periapical periodontitis.    

  • Complications with Instrumentation

There are guidelines regarding the use of rotary equipment and access cavity preparation. When these rules are not adhered to, it is easy for the rotary instruments to crack inside the canals. Fractures often make it hard to reach the apical part in the root canal, hence harming the disinfection of the canal, including the removal of infected tissues. This is because the affected area will have a high presence of bacteria, leading to persistent tooth infections. 

  • Untreated Canals

During endodontic treatment, it is common for dentists to miss out on a canal. This is particularly when treating molar teeth, where there are more canals than the number of roots. Moreover, when the access opening is less than adequate, it can be difficult for the endodontist to find other existing canals. 

Being unable to reach and identify existing canals for treatment contributes majorly to root canal failure. Patients often experience persistent symptoms of infection in the teeth due to bacteria residing in the untreated canals. This is why it is important to get an endodontic treatment from an established dentistry service provider. 

The Wrap Up

Dentists should keep in mind these usual suspects when carrying out root canal treatment. With attention to detail, dental professionals not only increase the finesse of the procedure but also maximizes on its success.

 If you are looking for an endodontic treatment facility, Glow and Medical Dental Center is one of the most recognized dentistry services in the UAE. We have highly trained and skilled dental experts with experience in handling complex and rare oral conditions. Our dental facility carries state of the art tools and technology for effective diagnosis, treatment, and after-care services. Click on the link below to talk to one of our specialized dentists and access the most reliable endodontist in Dubai, tailored to your needs.

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