Root Canal Treatment

Here is Everything You Need to Know About Root Canal Treatment

The term ‘root canal treatment’ is used to describe the procedures which dentists use to treat your badly damaged teeth. During root canal treatment,

your dentist will remove your pulp and nerve from the inside of your tooth, then he or she will clean it and seal it.

If you don’t treat your damaged tooth, bacteria will infect it, and you may end up losing it in the long run. Also, the phrase ‘root canal’ refers to one of the internal parts of your tooth. Typically, the root canal hosts the pulp chamber and the nerves of your teeth.

The Steps of Root Canal Treatment

Typically, root canal treatment is carried out in three steps. These steps include cleaning, filling, and adding a dental cap. Here is a detailed discussion of these three steps;


During cleaning, your dentist will remove all of the pulp and nerve tissues from your tooth. He or she will put you under anesthesia so that you won’t feel much pain during this stage.


After cleaning your tooth, your dentist will fill it with composite resin. This resin will be hardened by a special cement so that it can stick inside your tooth.

Adding of a Dental Cap

Your tooth may become fragile after a root canal treatment, and it must be covered by a crown so that it can become stronger. The primary purpose of a dental cap is to protect your tooth and improve its aesthetic value.

Does a Root Canal Kill the Nerve?

Yes, all your nerves will be dead after you have gone through a root canal treatment. This will make your tooth to stop being sensitive.

How Long Does a Root Canal Last?

If your root canal treatment is successful, it will last for a lifetime. However, there are some things which you should do to ensure that your treated tooth lasts. For instance, you should always brush your teeth as well as visit your dentist frequently for check-ups.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Most people fear to go for root canal therapy because they believe that it is painful. This belief is not true.

Typically, root canal treatment is painless because dentists use anesthetics to alleviate the pain and numb the teeth. Typically, the pain that you may feel while undergoing canal treatment usually comes from the bacterial infections in your tooth and not as a result of the procedure.

Do Root Canals Hurt After?

You may experience some mild pain after a root canal treatment. However, this feeling is temporary; and you can quickly relieve it with over-the-counter painkillers.

Can I Drive After a Root Canal?

You can comfortably drive yourself home after a root canal treatment. Also, you can resume your daily routine immediately after treatment.

However, if your dentist has given you some medication after treatment; it is advisable to refrain from driving. This is because some of the medicines which you have taken may make you drowsy and cause you to be involved in an accident.

Who Needs Root Canal Treatment?

You will need root canal treatment if you have an injured and infected pulp or a large cavity. If your pulp is diseased or injured, it may be unable to repair itself; and bacteria may quickly infect it. On the other hand, if you have a large cavity; your pulp will be exposed, and bacteria will enter into it.

In such cases, you will feel intense pain. Moreover, your tooth may become loose, and the ligaments around it may swell. You may also be unable to eat extremely cold or hot foods.

Why Root Canal is Dangerous

Most people who are ignorant about root canal treatment usually claim that it is dangerous. Such people may assert that you will be more prone to cancer and other diseases after you have undergone root canal therapy. This misconception is false.

People who have gone through root canal treatment have the same risk of contracting cancer and other lifestyle diseases as other ordinary people. In fact, there is no scientific evidence which connects root canal treatment with cancer and other diseases.

Which is Better; Root Canal or Extraction?

Some patients may opt for extraction instead of root canal therapy. However, root canal is a much better method of dealing with damaged pulps when compared to extraction.

After extraction, some of the teeth around the gap may start moving and end up being crooked. This way, your mouth may look ugly; and you can even find it difficult to chew hard foods.

You should only go for extraction after your dentist has advised you that root canal therapy may not work for you. For instance, you can go through an extraction if your tooth cannot be treated or if you feel extreme pain.

Root Canal Price Dubai

The cost of a root canal treatment in Dubai may vary depending on the extent of damage in your pulp and the dental clinic which you choose. For instance, you may be obliged to visit your dentist many times if you need multiple canal treatments; and you will pay more.

This price usually ranges from 2500 AED to 6000 dirhams. The average cost of root canal treatment in Dubai is 4000 AED.

There are various measures which you can take to reduce the cost of your root canal therapy. Some of these measures include enrolling for a health insurance program and asking for a discounted payment plan.


You may have some complications after a root canal treatment. These complications may be caused by having more than one root canal, undetected cracks, and break-down of the material used to seal your tooth.

However, most root canal treatments in Dubai are highly successful. Also, your tooth will look normal after a root canal therapy; and most people won’t quickly notice that it has undergone treatment.

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