Can Root Canals Cause Cancer?

At the onset of the 20th century, a myth emerged that root canals can cause cancer and other potentially life-threatening illnesses. Currently, this misconception is almost everywhere on the internet.  

Weston Price, a 20th-century dentist, was the founder of this myth. As asserted by The Guardian, Price ran numerous poorly designed and flawed tests, which made him conclude that root canals can cause cancer.

According to Price, dead teeth which have gone through root canal treatment have very harmful toxins. He believed that these toxins could become a breeding ground for serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and arthritis. 

What are Root Canals?

The term ‘root canal’ refers to a dental process which is used to repair infected or damaged teeth. This process is utilized as an alternative to removing the entire damaged tooth and leaving a gap in the patient’s mouth. 

The root pulp section of your tooth is filled with nerve endings, connective tissue, and blood vessels. This pulp can be infected due to a cavity or crack. The best method to treat this pulp is through root canal therapy, whereby your dentist will remove it, clean it, and fill it. 

Myth Not True!

According to advanced scientific research, this myth is false. This misconception is a health hazard since it can make you refrain from getting a root canal to treat your damaged tooth. Here is why you shouldn’t believe Price’s findings; 

  • The conditions of his experiments were not well controlled. 
  • His tests were carried out in nonsterile environments. 
  • Other medical researchers have been unable to find similar results. 

Cancer, Fear, and Root Canals

You will not increase your chances of becoming ill if you go through root canal therapy. Some doctors who believe Price, such as Joseph Mercola, claim that 97% of cancer patients had previously undergone root canal treatment. This belief is unfounded and is not backed up by any evidence. 

This myth that root canal can cause cancer has created fear in patients who want to undergo root canal treatment. Others even choose to extract the entire damaged tooth. This is not a healthy choice since removing and replacing a new tooth is expensive.

The best dentists in Dubai recommend root canal treatment. Live teeth which have been treated by root canal therapy are usually strong, healthy, and permanent. 

Due to the advancements in the modern medical field, most forms of endodontic treatment; including root canal are safe. Root canal therapy is a predictable and effective method of curing damaged and infected teeth. The process should be trusted.


The belief that root canal can cause cancer is not supported by valid scientific research. This belief was brought about by incorrect analysis in the past century. Since then, dentistry has undergone advancements to include safe medical equipment, anesthesia, hygiene, and new techniques. 

What was dangerous and painful a century ago is now extremely reliable and safe. Therefore, you should never fear to go through root canal therapy. Schedule a visit today and get root canal therapy from the most affordable orthodontists in Dubai.

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