Best Tips on How to Evaluate and Choose the Right Dentist

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Tips to Consider When Choosing the Right Dentist

It can be a rough and hard task for somebody who does not know where to start when trying to pick the right dentist. Maintaining a good smile and the best oral hygiene will not only need your own input but also that of a qualified dentist. If you are new in the UAE or you wish to find the best dentists in Dubai, worry no more. All you  need to know before finding the right dentist for you  has been discussed in detail below:

Finding the dentist

When getting searching for the right dentists, start with the basics first. This includes;

  • Asking for recommendations

The cheapest and easiest way of getting the best dentist is asking for recommendations from other people. Your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and etc. are a very great source of information.They can easily direct you to the best dentists they have dealt with or heard about.

It is important to ask them why they refer you to that particular dentist and  what they may not like about them. Aside from that, you can check for online reviews of the said dentists or even ask about them on such platforms. There are forums which you can ask for recommendations. After that, you are sure to receive quite a number of recommendations.

  • Check them up online

You can search for dentists near you and a number of them will appear. Based on the recommendations you received, you can conduct further research on the dentists to whom you were referred to. You can look up their profiles online and which clinics or hospitals they work at. Counter-check their education and training. Dentists are qualified to handle certain specialties. If not indicated on their website, ensure you contact them directly and inquire about the services offered at that clinic or by that particular dentist. You may want to get an Invisalign procedure but the dentist may not be qualified or certified to offer such a procedure. Always know the exact services offered and check whether the procedure you are looking for is indicated. There are many Doctors’ Directories in the UAE, like Smart Doctors where you can search for doctors with different specialties and insurance plan.

Choosing the right dentist

For efficiency and legitimacy, a dentist works at a dental clinic or general hospital offering dental services. This means they work at a particular place. Knowing the location of where the dentist works should be among the first factors you consider in this phase. This helps so much in terms of convenience. Choosing a dental hospital which is close to your home or work location can assist you in booking appointments and being there on time. Furthermore, the location will matter a lot in times of dental emergencies. Other factors which you ought to look into at this stage are;

  • Office hours

Make sure that the clinic is open at the times when you are able to book your appointment. Apart from normal appointments, inquire of what can happen should there be an emergency. How will you reach the dentist? The right dentist or dental clinic will not refer you to an emergency room but will have a plan set out for handling emergency cases.

  • Cost

Before even getting to visit the dentist, ask about the costs of the various treatments and procedures you may be interested in. Does the dentist or clinic accept insurance as a payment method? What other payment methods (credit cards, payment plans, personal checks, etc.) are permitted at the clinic? When on a tight budget or you do not want to spend a lot of money, search for affordable dentists who offer quality services.

  • Communication

If you just moved into a new location and you are in the search for a new dentist, call them prior to the visit or check up their website if they speak your language. If they do not speak your language, look for another dental clinic which does. However, there is an alternative for finding an interpreter who will be with you throughout the entire process. This can cost you some extra money.

Plan a visit

After taking all the factors above into consideration, the next and very important step is to plan a visit. You can directly call them or send an email requesting to visit the dental clinic. While some other clinics may be very busy and understaffed, you can make a bold move and book an appointment with them. The level or standard of their responsiveness will give you a clear picture of how the clinic is.

Should the response to your messages take too long, then you will know that they do not have a good customer support service. Whenever you will have an emergency, they may not be reliable. Furthermore, if you make a direct phone call and the recipient is not friendly, you should not look for other signs in order to search for another place. When your appointment day arrives, ensure you get there on time or even earlier so that you can have a first-hand experience of the place.

While at the clinic, here are some other factors you should consider before settling on that particular dentist;

  • Assess the professionalism of the staff

The first thing that you can use to evaluate the dental clinic is whether the dentists and other staff act with decorum. If at all they are not acting professionally or are not friendly to you, it is advisable that you find another place to visit. If they do not treat you well in your first visit, your other visits will  be frustrating. You will feel taken advantage of for paying for their services yet you can get the same services at a friendlier clinic. If the staff does not treat each other well, that is a clear sign of a bad working environment which has a big ripple effect on the services you are bound to receive.

  • Comfort

One of the main distinguishing factors of the best Dubai dentists style=”font-weight: 400;”> from others is how they treat their patients. A friendly dentist who is ready to listen to your problems creates a very comfortable environment for you. Such a dentist is very easy to talk to and you can comfortably confide in them any dental problems or history you might have.

Apart from the comfort you get by being around the dentist, your physical comfort also matters. Is the clinic well-organized? Is it very tidy? Are the seats and procedural beds comfortable? Find out by yourself while at the clinic.

A world-class dental clinic should be able to offer the best services using modern and advanced technology. An ideal clinic should have up-to-date equipment and the authorized personnel know how to correctly use them. If the clinic still relies on old-school and worn out equipment, there is a high likelihood that you will not receive the best treatment.

Final word

After reading our comprehensive guide, you will no longer have to worry about picking the wrong dentists. Furthermore, the search is even easier for you as the best dentists in Dubai can be found at Glow Medical and Dental Clinic. With their strategic locations all over Dubai, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched experience, nothing can go wrong.

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