Endodontic Treatment – Root Canal For Children

When your child undergoes pain in their tooth due to some trauma or infection in their root, an extraction might seem like an excellent option, right? After all, it is all but a deciduous tooth. Many a time, this is what many parents think, but the opposite is the truth. There are lots of reasons for saving the primary teeth of a child before they are ready to come off. 

Even though extraction is sometimes recommended, saving that decayed or infected tooth is probably the best course of treatment for your child. If paining because of a deep cavity or trauma, an endodontic treatment in Dubai preserves the integrity of your child’s tooth. It does so until the permanent teeth begin to erupt, and the milk teeth are shed off naturally. 

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Extraction vs. Root Canal for Kids

Just as in the case for root canal treatment in adults, saving the tooth is always a recommended choice than extraction. There are various reasons why root canal treatment and the saving of a tooth is more advisable as compared to removal. For starter, saving the baby’s tooth saves its functionality and that of the tongue and jaws.

The speech and eating problems, which usually result from early tooth loss, are avoided. Moreover, baby teeth serve their primary function of guiding permanent teeth to the right spot. Early loss of teeth in children can bring forth the abnormal eruption of permanent teeth, forcing your child to undergo other extensive and costly endodontic treatment. 

Some other consequences for the premature removal of baby teeth include;

  • Delayed eruption or premature eruption of permanent teeth
  • The proper dental arch length for the appropriate eruption of permanent teeth is lost hence risking crowding in the future
  • The midline of teeth risk shifting towards the extraction spot
  • The disruption of how teeth relate which, more than often, calls for other endodontic treatments such as braces
  • There might be speech defects on your child, which results in emotional and aesthetic problems

Is Root Canals Treatment in Children Safe?

There are so many myths and half-truths concerning root canals treatment, with majority of them pointing towards there being pain during the procedure. To begin with, there is no pain during the treatment, and one can only feel some minor discomfort after the procedure has been performed. This discomfort can easily be alleviated by over the counter pain relievers, or other drugs your dentist might recommend.

The pulpotomy in children is a bit different when compared to that of adults. Unlike in adults where the entire pulp is eliminated, it only involves partial nerve treatment in children. Only the diseased part is removed and stabilized by disinfecting and sealing the remaining healthy parts.  

A baby crown is, thereafter, applied to the affected tooth, to restore a healthy and well-functioning condition. The child should be able to enjoy their childhood once again by going back to their usual schedule without any dental problems.

Signs Your Child May Need Root Canal Treatment

Just as in the case for adults, root canal treatment in children becomes necessary at some point in life. There are signs you can watch out for and be prepared for endodontic treatment. 

These signs are categorized into three; signs you and your child can look out for, the symptoms your dentist will notice, and the different tests which can be performed to determine whether your child needs to undergo endodontic treatment.

  • Signs You and Your Child May Notice

One of the most obvious signs that something is wrong is pain. Root canal pain can be anything from a mild or dull ache to a much more intense, sharp pain. There is a likelihood that the pain will change when your child changes position, or it may be throbbing.

Spontaneous pain might also be experienced when your kid is exposed to certain stimuli, such as hot or cold foods. Pain alone, might not be your final assumption that the child needs to undergo root canals as there might be various reasons behind it.

Other signs of infection, such as gum tenderness should also raise red flags. The gums tend to swell, and in extreme cases, they can push your child’s neck or face. In other times, the swelling might not be very conspicuous. You may only see a small pimple-like sack in the mouth, on the gums. This usually indicates infection at that particular spot and a clear indication that the root of the tooth might be infected. The pimple carries some pus in it and should it find a way to drain itself, your child will complain of a weird taste in their mouth.

Other signs you may notice if your child requires endodontic treatment is swollen or tender lymph nodes, fever, and general malaise. 

It should be further noted that not all children show these or any other visible signs and symptoms. The best course to take is subjecting your child to regular check-ups from some of the best dentists in Dubai.

  • Symptoms Your Dentist May Notice

Dentists are trained to spot problems, and regular visits will do your child right. Certain signs and symptoms your dentist will notice include;

  • Soft tissue changes
  • Asymmetry
  • Dark tooth color
  • Signs of drainage from an infection

These are among some of the signs your dentist will spot and should they think they might need root canals; further tests will have to be conducted.

  • Tests That Determine Whether Your Child Needs Root Canal Treatment

There are many tests your dentist will conduct to determine whether your child needs endodontic treatment. This is done so to ensure that the right course of action is undertaken. They include;

  • Percussion testing – this involves the dentist gently hitting the teeth at the butt end of a dental tool. Healthy teeth will not have a painful response while infected ones will.
  • X-Rays – an X-Ray of the mouth will be taken, clearly showing the dentist what lies beneath. It is from the results that will determine the need for a procedure.
  • Thermal testing – the teeth are exposed to cold and hot temperatures. Infected teeth will respond painfully to such stimuli. Although healthy teeth might also respond the same way, the reaction usually wears off almost immediately. Infected teeth will have pain lingering for an extended period. 

Protecting Teeth and Saving Smiles

Protecting your baby’s teeth should be the priority concern of every parent. The search for the best dentists in the UAE should not stress you. Get in touch with highly-skilled pediatric endodontists in Dubai today.

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