Root Canal Myths Busted

Root canal treatment is one of the most feared dental procedures.  The mere mention of the name brings shivers and unnecessary anxiety. Root canal treatment is the best alternative there is for saving your damaged teeth as compared to other methods such as extraction. 

However, dentists in Dubai are still concerned about the lack of knowledge concerning this treatment, as there are many myths out there. We will uncover the entire truth of the 10 most common myths surrounding root canal treatment in Dubai in this post. 

  • Root canal therapy is painful

This is the most common myth out there. It has made very many people scared of getting this treatment. The truth is, this is a very painless procedure. The only thing you will experience is slight discomfort (not pain) after the procedure. Root canal therapy is used to ease pain caused by damaged teeth and not to cause the pain.

Endodontists  are  experienced in managing pain. With the advancement of dental technology, they will remove and treat the damaged tissues and teeth in a jiffy. When the anesthesia wears off, you will start to experience some discomfort, which will be significantly dealt with over the counter painkillers and other drugs you will be prescribed. No pain at all. 

  • Root canal treatment causes illnesses

If you were reading this post half a century ago, we would probably have argued the same. The notion that root canal treatment brings forth other illnesses is a white lie which was based on poorly done research and no evidence to back up those claims. An infected pulp, a broken tooth, and pulpitis are the most common causes of tooth damage.

The work of root canal treatment is to remove those infected parts and allow them to heal. After that, there will be no pain or infections you can expect to experience. There is no scientific research and proof which links root canal treatment to any illnesses, whichever part of the body. 

  • Tooth extraction is a better alternative to root canal treatment

Many of the best endodontists in Dubai will always recommend you to save your natural teeth instead of removing them. You can, of course, have them taken out and replaced with synthetic teeth such as dentures or dental implants, but nothing beats having your natural teeth. 

Endodontic treatments last for many years, or even a lifetime if appropriately performed. You will no longer have the pain and sensitivity of teeth once the pulp and the nerves of the teeth have been treated or removed.

  • Root canals are likely to fail

Once again, if you were reading this post 50 years ago, this may have been true. The success rate of root canal treatment is shooting higher as time goes by. This is due to better technology and the presence of highly-skilled dentists in Dubai. With over 85% of successful cases, the chances of root canals failing are very minimal.

As it is with all other medical and surgical procedures, one’s body might react differently to a particular mode of treatment. In very few and rare cases, one might need a crown or filling replaced. The chances of this happening are again, sporadic.

  • A root canal procedure kills your tooth

Dentists are trained on how to save teeth, and not to ‘kill’ them, regardless of the place they learned and practice. Root canals are meant to protect the tooth from further infections which come from the pulp. A tiny hole is drilled, and the pulp is carefully removed alongside the bacteria which caused the infection.

The tooth will also undergo a process called Gutta-percha filling, which completely seals off the tooth from recurring infections and the re-entry of bacteria. Only the pulp is removed and for an adult who has undergone root canal treatment, living without a pulp should not be a concern. This is because it only serves its purpose when the tooth is developing. 

  • Teeth need to hurt before root canal therapy is considered

Your teeth must not always have to hurt or feel pain before you are recommended for tooth canal therapy. The teeth which are referred to as ‘dead’ also do require root canal treatment to prevent infections. It is through regular check-ups that your dentist will determine whether a tooth has died or is about to. Some of the tests used to confirm this include; temperature testing, percussion testing, and using a pup vitality machine.

  • You will need many visits to the dentist’s when you get root canal treatment

If you compare tooth extraction and root canal treatment, you will find out that the latter requires far much fewer visits to the dentist. After a tooth extraction procedure, you will have to go back to the dentist to have a dental implant or other synthetic teeth placed. You will be forced to do this or else risk the teeth shifting their position.

When you get an implant, for example, you will need to have several follow up checks. For a root canal treatment, you will only need 1 or 2 more dental visits before you are good to go. The severity of the infection will also determine how many visits you will have to make.  

  • Teeth Remain Sensitive Afterwards

This is a half-baked truth. Immediately after the procedure and the anesthesia begins to wear off, your teeth will experience some sensitivity. This usually goes away after some time. With the help of prescribed drugs, you will have no worries. You will also be advised on the types of food to avoid, especially very hot and cold drinks. This aids in preventing the sensitivity to get triggered, at least when the tooth has not fully healed yet. 

  • Only powerful painkillers can ease the pain

This entirely depends on the level of pain you are feeling, but common painkillers do the trick. The pain will only be mild and should vanish within a week or two.

  • Root canals take ages to complete

While using the latest technology, root canal treatment only takes a couple of hours. This depends on the severity of the damage. In most, if not all cases, the entire procedure only takes up one appointment and maybe one or two follow-up checks as mentioned earlier.

In Conclusion

Never again should you fear root canal treatment. However, this does not mean that you should get it anywhere. For the best and most affordable root canal treatment in Dubai, only get services from highly-qualified endodontists.

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