Types of Root Canal- Overview of Root Canal Treatment

Unlike ages ago, when endodontic treatment was widely feared by many, the narrative has since changed. More  people are beginning to discover the importance of root canal therapy in Dubai. This is probably attributed to the myths and half-truths on root canals which have been debunked

This Procedure is used mainly to treat the tooth when the inner part of it infected. A ‘root canal‘ is not actually a type of treatment but is a part of the tooth. It is the hollow part of the tooth which houses blood vessels, the nerve tissue, and other cells. The common name used is ‘the pulp.’ Tooth pulps are essential during the development of teeth.

Furthermore, they help in nourishing the tooth by providing moisture to the surrounding materials. The nerves which can be found in the pulp, help in sensing hot or cold temperatures as pain. That is why you cannot hold such in your mouth for long.  

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When is Endodontic Treatment Necessary?

The quick answer to the question of when endodontic treatment is necessary is as soon as the pulp gets inflamed or infected. Such an inflammation or infection can be caused by several factors such as;

Also, it should be noted that a tooth which requires endodontic therapy does necessarily not have to show cracks. This is why it is always necessary to first consult some of the best dentists in Dubai who will help determine the case. If the inflammation of the pulp is not treated in time, it can lead to an abscess. 

Some of the signs you need to check to be prepared to get a root canal treatment include;

  • Pain 
  • Prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold 
  • Tenderness to touch and when chewing 
  • Discoloration of the tooth 
  • Swelling, drainage, and tenderness in the lymph nodes as well as nearby bone and gum tissues

As indicated earlier, there might not be any symptoms whatsoever, and only an experienced endodontist in Dubai will help determine.

The Process Involved During Root Canal Treatment

There are various reasons which necessitate the need for root canal treatment. Just as there are different factors, there are also different therapy modes only used by highly trained endodontists in the UAE. While some methods have been there for more extended periods, others have evolved, thanks to the advancement in dental technology. Today, the patient can be taken through the various types of root canal treatment, which suits their needs. 

Standard Endodontic Treatment

Standard Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is the type of root canal therapy which has been around for ages, and probably the one you are aware of. The roots of such a treatment can be traced back to 1838 when the first root canal appliance was made from a watch spring. 

Over the years, the Procedure involved has been improved and is still undergoing further advancements to date. The entire treatment now takes a relatively shorter time to get done with, there is little to no pain felt during and after the Procedure, and the success rates have since skyrocketed over the years. Up until now, here is the standard Procedure used during this type of root canal therapy.

  • Cleaning the tooth

The first step is to clean the affected tooth or teeth thoroughly. The dentist then drills a small access hole on the surface of the tooth. Thereafter, the little access hole is used to reach to the affected pulp and have it removed. The other parts which are not infected are left behind and are disinfected from the disease. Dead pulp tissues are also eliminated, only leaving behind a healthy root canal.

  • Filling the root canal

The endodontists use certain irrigation solutions and tiny files to clean, shape and decontaminate the infected region. Once this is done, the tooth is filled with a rubber-like material before an adhesive cement is used to seal off the root canals completely. After the root canal treatment, that tooth is often regarded as ‘dead.’

This is because the pulp, which houses the nerve tissues, has been removed. One will no longer react to certain stimuli such as cold or hot temperatures. However, the good thing is that the infection has been eliminated, with no chance of it causing further damages. Besides, as an adult, you do not need that infected pulp anyway.

  • Adding a crown

The tooth has to continue receiving the nourishment from the ligament, which attaches the tooth to the bone. The supply of nourishment will be adequate, but with time, the tooth becomes brittle. It becomes more fragile than it was before.

A crown or filling becomes necessary at this point, making the third Procedure involved in root canal treatment to be adding a crown or fillings. After the crown or filling has been done, the patient is at liberty to carry on with their regular chewing routine.

Under the standard RCT, there are several other categories of practices used to cure different issues. These include;

  • An apicoectomy – this involves the removal of the infected pulp and the tip of the root of the tooth.
  • A pulpotomy – mostly performed on children. Involves of partial removal of only the diseases pulp or nerve while the good parts are left intact.
  • A pulpectomy – this is also known as the pediatric endodontic treatment. Infected pulp tissues are wholly eliminated. The canals are then treated and disinfected for the primary teeth.

The root canal system is complex and involves very many twists and turns. In as much Standard Root Canal Treatment is efficient, there are a few rare occasions when some infected tissues get affected. The microscopic crevices of the canal wall also prove to be harder for the standard RCT to cure completely.

The GentleWave® Procedure

The minimally invasive GentleWave® Procedure is a type of root canal therapy used as an alternative to standard RCT. This Procedure makes use of fluid dynamics and a broad spectrum of acoustic energy. These are used to clean and disinfect the affected root canal system. 

As this Procedure gains momentum, many people are starting to appreciate it further. This is because it is more comfortable and the fluid can reach all parts of the root canal system; including the microscopic spaces. Unlike standard RCT, which might require at least two visits, this Procedure gets the job done in one session.

Pick the Right Endodontic Treatment

Many dentists will promise you to cure your teeth sufficiently. Without adequate researching on the right dentists, you will end up booking more appointments in the future. Save yourself the trouble, and get in contact with some of the best and most affordable endodontic treatment clinics in Dubai.

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