Dr.Ismail Polyclinic- Discovery Garden

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Dr Ismail Polyclinic was started in 1984 with a General Practitioner in Karama. Over the years, the clinic has added specialties and consultancies to its service offerings with the clinic now offering 6 specialties in the fields of Dental, Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics and Homeopathy in addition to its General Practitioner offerings. The clinic has also expanded to add laboratory facilities, to provide an integrated health care service that provides quick and reliable results to our patients. Our laboratory meets stringent quality requirements and is JCI accredited. We also have added X-Ray facilities and a Physiotherapy unit to cater to the needs of our patients.
Dr. Ismail Polyclinic group has also expanded in this time, with branches in Sonapur, Al Quoz, Discovery Gardens, Jebel Ali and 5 pharmacies.

Doctors Of Discovery Garden Branch

General Practitioner Dr.Emmare Tuazon
Dr.Naureen Fareed
Dr.mehaboob Rehman
General Dentist Dr. Abdul Gaffur Parappurath
Specialist Orthopedic Surgery Dr. Venkata Lakshmana Kumar Mandava
Specialist Obstetrics And Gynecology Dr. Priya Chinnachamy
Homeopathy Practitioner Dr. Shaly Gopinathan Nair
Specialist pediatrics Dr.Wafia Affaan
Specialist Gastroenterology Dr.Mohamad Dawood Ismail Kazia
Specialist Radiology Dr.Basavaraj Dabke