Dr. Koteswararao Mukkapati

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Dr.Koteswararao Mukkapati


SPECIALITY:General Surgeon

BRANCH:Day surgical centre (karama),
(Discovery Gardens)


Meet Dr. Koteswara Rao , a distinguished and board-certified surgeon holding a DHA registration. Driven by a commitment to delivering exceptional patient care, He has honed his skills across various surgical specialties.

Dr.Koteshwararao boasts a stellar academic background, having completed his M.B.B.S at NTR University’s P.S.I Medical College in 2011. His pursuit of excellence continued with a Masters in Surgery from Rajiv Gandhi University’s M.S Ramaiah Medical College in 2019. As an Assistant Professor in General Surgery at Katuri Medical College & Hospital since September 2019, Dr. Koteswararao actively engages in major and minor surgeries, delivers dedicated patient care, and imparts valuable knowledge to junior residents and M.B.B.S students. During his tenure as a visiting consultant at DVC Hospitals from December 2021 to July 2022, he formulated diagnostic and therapeutic plans, performed surgeries, and ensured comprehensive post-surgical care.

Dr Koteswararao


Dr. Koteswararao demonstrates expertise in a wide range of surgical procedures, both independently and under supervision. His skills encompass operations in Head and Neck, Breast, Abdomen, Scrotum, Perianal, Limb, and Laparoscopic surgeries, showcasing his versatility and comprehensive proficiency in the field of surgery.

Surgical skills :



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