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Are you suffering from Frequent abdominal pain, or constipation, or any other digestive disorder?

Do not delay and consult the best gastroenterologist in Karama, Dubai. Most people consider regular digestive issues benign. However, prolonged ignorance could severe the situation and make it a compelling reason to visit the nearest possible clinic for immediate relief and long-term medical care.

If you are currently experiencing any stomach discomfort and want a proper diagnosis, do not wait any longer and visit Dr. Ismail Healthcare Group for a general checkup. If the symptoms are alarming, then it would not take much more to start off with the desired course of treatment.

We closely study the medical history of the patients to determine the safest and workable course of treatment to get the best outcomes for immediate relief. With us, you can be assured of comprehensive medical care with close attention paid to patients’ anxiety throughout the course.

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Learn More About Gastroenterology

Gastroenterology is the study of the normal function and diseases of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts and liver. A gastroenterologist needs to have a detailed understanding of the normal physiology of all the above mentioned organs as well as motility through the intestines and gastrointestinal tract in order to maintain a healthy digestion, absorption of nutrients, removal of waste and metabolic processes

A gastroenterologist also needs to have a clear understanding of ailments affecting the organs of the gastrointestinal system like:

  1. peptic ulcer disease
  2. gastric cancers
  3. esophageal cancers
  4. achalasia
  5. Barret’s esophagus
  6. colon polyps
  7. colon and bowel cancers
  8. pancreatitis
  9. pancreatic cancers
  10. liver cancer

With years of proven track record, we provide prompt diagnosis of most digestive disorders. However, you may have to undergo some medical tests before proceeding with the perfect course of treatment.  Trust us for you are in safe hands with some of the best doctors in the broad spectrum of healthcare rendering their services through our clinic.

If you suspect anything serious with your digestive pattern, feel free to call us and get an appointment scheduled to get clear answers from our gastroenterologist in Karama, Dubai. We would be more than pleased to help you get out of the agonizing digestive disorders to regain control over life.

Gastroenterology in Dubai

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