Root Canal Alternatives: Which One is Better?

Chances are, you are here because your dentist suggested that you get a root canal treatment. Well, to begin with, your dentist was probably right. Endodontists in Dubai will, however, first run a couple of tests to determine whether or not you are an ideal candidate for root canal treatment or not. 

There are conventional methods and approaches to getting your dental health covered, but you should know that every procedure has options. Before you start getting worried over the many myths and stories concerning root canal treatment which you might have heard, it is also good to understand the options and alternatives which might be on the table.

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What Does Root Canal Therapy Treat?

What many people refer to as a root canal is not a treatment but a part of your tooth. It is the hollow space in the tooth where the dental pulp which houses the nerves and soft tissues exist to connect your teeth to the mouth. A root canal treatment is a procedure which has its key focus on disinfecting an inflamed or infected root canal. In some cases, this involves wholly removing the root canal.

During the procedure, the endodontist grinds away the surface of the tooth by drilling a tiny hole to get to the root canal. After the treatment, the gap is sealed off with a filling and later, a crown is affixed at the top. An untreated infected root canal can lead to a cyst formation or abscess.

Ideally, the main objective of a root canal treatment is to ‘save’ your tooth and also to keep and maintain a healthy dental formula. However, it is always advised that you receive this treatment from highly-experienced endodontists in the UAE. This is because, regardless of the high success rates, this procedure, when done the wrong way by the inexperienced individuals, can have disastrous effects. 

The Potential Risks Associated with Root Canal Treatment

  • Root canal treatment can fail

This is because some affected parts might not get disinfected or removed. When performed by an experienced endodontist, the chances of success go higher.

  • Pain

In most cases, you would not really describe the burning sensation after the treatment as ‘pain’ but rather a discomfort. If there would have been pain involved, why would the best dentists in Dubai, recommend root canal therapy? Anyway, the discomfort can be relieved using over the counter painkillers. 

Your endodontist will also prescribe you some antibiotics to help clear out any untreated bacterial remnants in the root canal. After a few days, if there are any remaining bacteria left, it can grow and result in pain.

The antibiotics might not work well as there is no blood flow to the tooth. You will have to contact your endodontist when the pain persists. 

  • Undetected additional problems

Should there be bacterial infections which were undetected in the first procedure, they will persist and will cause you more pain. Even if a process was performed on the tooth, it would still have to undergo further extensive surgeries and treatments.

  • Undetected crack on the root

An undetected crack on the root of your tooth can have future problems as it creates a pathway for bacteria to re-enter the root canals. This will eventually force you to go through the same procedure, all over again. 

  • Defective materials used

When you get the procedure from a dentist who is much after your money, they might end up using defective materials as the inner seal. Such low-quality products will erode over time, allow the re-entry of bacteria. 

Having seen all these possible risks of root canal therapy, you must be wondering what other options are there. While the other methods are not as effective as root canal treatment, it will do you good to still be in the know. 

The Alternatives to Root Canals Treatment

  • Extraction

The most common alternative out there is extraction. Rather than keeping a dead tooth on, it would instead be taken out. However, in as much as this seems to be the easiest way out, nothing beats having your natural teeth retained. There are some methods one can use to fill in the gaps after extraction. These include;

  • Dental Implants

Dental implants are by far the most appreciated alternative to a real tooth. This is because they look so natural, and can last many years or a lifetime without bringing issues. One of the major setbacks with having dental implants is that your body might reject them and have an adverse reaction towards them.

Before any procedures are done, your dentist will ask you to provide any medical records you have, before they determine whether you are a candidate or not.

  • Dental Bridge

This is more or less like an implant, only that the synthetic tooth is not implanted into the gums. 

  • Partial Dentures

This is the least invasive way of replacing an extracted tooth. They are removable and can replace one or a few more teeth without needing any surgeries, whatsoever. 

  • Pulp Capping

Pulp capping is a generally less known method which can be used in place of a root canal therapy (well, sort of). This process involves keeping a tooth decay from attacking the pulp chamber. This process is more effective when the nerve of the tooth is still alive. Pulp capping is preferred to root canal treatment for various reasons including;

  • Saves the nerves which make the tooth ‘alive.’
  • Less invasive
  • Less costly
  • Shorter recovery time
  • A dental filling can be used instead of a crown to restore the tooth
  • Irrigation

The endodontist can use the irrigation method instead of root canal treatment to get rid of infections in the pulp chamber. In most cases, the ozone gas or calcium hydroxide is used. These procedures are not as effective in removing all the bacteria and disinfecting the affected region, but it can help ease the pain and inflammation. It is commonly referred to as a procedure to ‘buy time.’

The Bottom Line

As you can see from the alternatives mentioned above, some of them are not as bad in taming the bacteria; such as the use of extraction. However, nothing beats the feeling of having your own natural teeth in your mouth. Save your teeth and live to enjoy life better. Click here to get the best and most affordable endodontic treatment in Dubai

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