The 5 Causes For Root Canal Failure

It is easy to predict the outcome of a root canal treatment with many sources quoting success rates ranging between 86% and 98%. However, when the symptoms of tooth infection are recurrent, it can mean a failed process. It is advisable for patients who have gone through endodontic tooth therapy to undergo examination from their dentist after initial treatment. Therefore, follow-ups to the dentist are essential in ascertaining a successful root canal procedure. In addition, it helps to verify that the treated tooth is properly functioning. 

Despite endodontic treatments having high rates of success, root canal failure remains a big challenge both for patients and for dental professionals. With more patients in Dubai taking up root canal treatments, it is vital to prevent or minimize the primary causes of root canal failure. Unsuitable debridement, presence of bacteria in the tooth canal and apex, cheap quality dental obturation, improper root canal filling, as well as coronal leakage are among the mutual causes of unsuccessful root canal procedures. 

Many factors have been quoted to contribute to unsuccessful endodontic therapy, with the most common ones comprising: 

  • Persistence of extra-canal and intra-canal bacteria 
  • Inadequate canal filling 
  • Inappropriate coronal sealing 
  • Untreated canals 
  • Errors in iatrogenic procedures like poorly designed access cavity 
  • Complications with instruments 


5 Common Causes of Root Canal Failure


  • Bacteria Persistence

Persistence in microbiological infections is among the foremost causes of endodontic failure. The role of bacteria in infections is not news in the human health system. When germs are present in the root canal during root canal obturation, the process stands a higher chance of failure.

A study on clinical oral surgery suggests that bacteria, especially those sheltering in root canal areas like dentinal tubules, ramifications, and isthmuses can easily evade disinfectants. Apart from the medical removal of infected tissues in the canal, leaking apical seals can also contribute to failure in treatment because of bacterial persistence. Therefore, it is essential that your endodontist in Dubai conduct effective canal cleaning to increase the chances of a favorable outcome.

  • Overextending or Inadequate Root Filling

Poor quality filling and sealing techniques of the cleaned root canal is another colossal factor in endodontic failure. For example, studies carried out to determine coronal restorations in root canal treatments established the root canal as the most important aspect of a successful endodontic procedure. In order to improve the success rates of root canal treatment, dental experts should watch out for under extended and overextended root filling. 

  • Unsuitable Coronal Seal

When undergoing root canal treatment, a competent dentist should use a properly sealing coronal restoration after the procedure. This prevents access by any bacteria, which are present in the mouth. Therefore, patients should confirm with their medical practitioners that an impervious seal would be used in the coronal areas. It is essential for a successful diagnosis of the tooth that has been endodontically treated. An under-extended obturation along with the poor quality of the coronal seal, for example, has created havoc that results in periapical periodontitis.    

  • Complications with Instrumentation

There are guidelines regarding the use of rotary equipment and access cavity preparation. When these rules are not adhered to, it is easy for the rotary instruments to crack inside the canals. Fractures often make it hard to reach the apical part in the root canal, hence harming the disinfection of the canal, including the removal of infected tissues. This is because the affected area will have a high presence of bacteria, leading to persistent tooth infections. 

  • Untreated Canals

During endodontic treatment, it is common for dentists to miss out on a canal. This is particularly when treating molar teeth, where there are more canals than the number of roots. Moreover, when the access opening is less than adequate, it can be difficult for the endodontist to find other existing canals. 

Being unable to reach and identify existing canals for treatment contributes majorly to root canal failure. Patients often experience persistent symptoms of infection in the teeth due to bacteria residing in the untreated canals. This is why it is important to get an endodontic treatment from an established dentistry service provider. 

The Wrap Up

Dentists should keep in mind these usual suspects when carrying out root canal treatment. With attention to detail, dental professionals not only increase the finesse of the procedure but also maximizes on its success.

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