Can You Whiten Sensitive Teeth?

What is better to brighten your day than a good smile showing off your white set of teeth? Not only does teeth whitening in Dubai boost one’s self-esteem but  it also improves oral health. Getting your teeth whitened can be quite a challenge, especially when they are sensitive.

Most products out there meant for teeth whitening are pretty good.  However, they can bring you a lot of discomfort when your teeth are not compatible with them. Moreover, you might have some other problems which might make your teeth sensitive hence whitening them only makes the situation worse. The best dentists in Dubai have recommended some of the best whitening treatments for people with sensitive teeth.

What Causes Teeth Sensitivity during Whitening?

The rush or wave of pain which you experience during teeth whitening is sensitivity. While white teeth and rocking that Hollywood smile can boost your self-esteem, you have to ask yourself the question, is it worth it? The pain or discomfort you will experience is rarely permanent. The pain stops when you discontinue exposing your teeth to the product you are using. Furthermore, there are special tips which you should adhere to minimize the likelihood of discomfort from your teeth.

The level of discomfort one feels during teeth whitening is mostly attributed to two key factors;

  • The condition of the tooth’s enamel
  • Saliva flow in the mouth

When whitening products are used, there is some temporary sensitivity felt to some extent. The teeth tubules remain open from the procedure, making them exposed to dehydration. The inner layer of the tooth is forced to shrink inward applying pressure on nerves hence bringing forth discomfort. Rehydration relieves the pain from the tooth sensitivity, majorly by saliva flow in the mouth. Those who suffer from low saliva flow (dry mouth) may experience the sensitivity longer.

The two formulas of teeth whitening, namely; Hydrogen peroxide and Carbamide peroxide, also have different impacts on sensitivity for different people. The concentration of the active whitening ingredient is directly proportional to the amount of sensitivity you will likely experience.

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Picking the Right Whitening Products for Sensitive Teeth

If you ever tried using any over the counter teeth whitening products and found them to cause sensitivity, it is advisable that you first consult your doctor. This is because the causes of such sensitivity might be brought about by other unnoticed reasons. For the best sensitive teeth treatment in Dubai, contact Glow Medical and Dental Center for one of the best professional dental care.

Below is a buying guide to help you in choosing the perfect teeth whitening product for sensitive teeth:

1.It must have clearly labeled ingredients

Hydrogen peroxide and Carbamide peroxide are the active ingredients required for a tooth whitener to function correctly. Teeth whitening products which have peroxides are useful as they not only clean surface stains but also deep stains. Products such as regular toothpaste, only clean surface stains.  

Products which also contain potassium nitrate and fluoride with the above peroxides are perfect. This is because the potassium and fluoride will help ease the potential of sensitive teeth. If the product you are purchasing does not have these active ingredients, they are better off left on the shelves.

2. It must have safe and effective peroxide levels

If you have sensitive teeth, the amount of peroxide should also be clearly labeled for you to see. Consult with your dentist on how much peroxide you should be taking. According to the ADA, a concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which is 10 percent or higher can be corrosive. This can make you feel a burning sensation. In the worst case scenarios it can result into a  tissue damage.

For Carbamide peroxide, one is allowed to use not more than 35 percent. This is theoretically equivalent to 10 percent of hydrogen peroxide. If you use a product with active ingredients more than the indicated percentages, you are now using professional grade whitening products. Not unless they are used under close supervision by the dentist, they might bring forth issues, and sensitivity will be the least of your worries.

In your bid to search for the best teeth whitening products for sensitive teeth in Dubai, look for the ones that have the indicated percentages. You might be duped into buying products with less effective ingredients such as charcoal or baking soda. In as much those products are gentle on sensitive teeth, they are not the best if you are looking for results.

Porcelain Veneers

Many people only know veneers as a treatment for teeth that are not in shape. Contrary to popular beliefs, porcelain veneers are an excellent treatment when whitening teeth. The traditional ways causes sensitivity. If your teeth are severely stained, these are your best shot to getting a dazzling smile without experiencing any discomfort.

Get products based on the frequency of use

When getting some particular teeth whitening products, you might be forced to use them at least twice in a day or the entire night, depending on the instructions provided. If sensitivity starts, you should limit and reduce the number of times you use the product. In this case, getting a product which will not require you to use more than once a day will be better. Moreover, the products which are used once in a while are way better because they give your teeth some break.

Follow all Instructions

When using a professional product, it is advisable to follow all the instructions provided by the doctor. Adhere to all the set rules by the manufacturer should you be buying any over the counter teeth whitening drugs. You should never whiten your teeth for more extended periods than recommended as this will only bring about sensitivity issues.


Teeth whitening is a simple process which can be done at home, using over the counter products. For people with sensitive teeth, use our guide above to get yourself the best products which do not alleviate teeth sensitivity. For better results, always talk to your dentist. They will suggest effective methods which will not cause you any discomfort. Contact the best teeth whitening dentists in Dubai today, and get a gleaming smile without experiencing any pain.

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