Teeth Whitening 101: Solutions To Frequently Asked Questions

When the pearly whites are losing their glimmering charm, many people are forced to live with a smile they are unhappy with. Cosmetic dentistry services such as teeth whitening can restore the initial brightness in your teeth. However, with the options, risks and costs involved in each process, how do you tell whether you are making the right move? To help you get clear insights on teeth whitening, we have gathered the most commonly asked questions about teeth whitening in Dubai


Q: When do I need professional teeth whitening?


A:  The moment you notice the teeth changing to brown or yellow, it could mean seeking teeth whitening services. However, before embarking on the pursuit of sparkling white teeth, it is vital to confirm with your dentist. You could be looking at a different dental problem altogether. Your dentist will conduct all necessary oral checks to ensure that you can undergo a teeth-whitening procedure. In addition, they will recommend the right whitening process for your teeth, depending on your dental condition. Some of the discoloration problems, for example, are solved with veneers better than a bleaching agent would do. 

On the other hand, when making plans to invest in a whiter smile, being prepared usually pays. You will want to watch out for the fair share of cowboys in the dental industry. This is on top of wide-ranging over the counter products that could put your dental health at risk. Therefore, it is best to investigate facts before unleashing your credit card.


Q: How safe is laser teeth whitening?


A: Teeth whitening entails numerous options including bleaching kits, holistic remedies, toothpaste, and in-chair treatments. With all the options available for brightening your smile, it is important to ensure the treatment is approved by the relevant authorities and is going to take place in a recognized clinical facility. Most peroxide-based or bleaching teeth whitening products are safe if you follow the instructions from the manufacturer.  


Q: Where can I access teeth whitening treatment?


A: It is also essential that only registered dental specialists carry out whitening treatment. Many products available for purchase on eCommerce sites and over the counter often pose serious health risks. This is particularly for bleach-based products since you cannot tell whether the levels contained are safe and can affect consumers with receding gums. You should be keen not to undertake any whitening treatments offered in beauty shops and salons. They usually come with various risks, and only a certified dentist should carry out the procedure

Begin by looking for a check-up with your dental expert when considering teeth whitening. They will help to ascertain that your mouth is healthy for the treatment you need. You can then start at various options with the dental professional.   


Q: When does one use teeth whitening strips?


A: Teeth whitening strips are among the best in-chair treatments you can easily procure. The treatment is safe for most people and easy to use. While there is no official guideline on when to use teeth whitening strips, the treatment is suitable for less permanent teeth discoloration. They are kits you can easily use on the go after meals to maintain a bright smile. Those with more intense discoloration, however, should consult their dentist for the right whitening treatment. Make it a habit to get the recommendation of a dentist and observe product instructions for in-chair treatments. 


Q: How long does teeth whitening last?


A: The effects of teeth whitening can last for as long as three years. However, not everyone experiences similar results due to different conditions at play. For example, with a smoking habit, or drinking and eating foods that stain your teeth, the effect of teeth whitening is less likely to be long-lasting. While teeth whitening treatments can restore your pearly whites’ shiny look, it is your responsibility to maintain a new smile.


Q: Which is best between in-office and take-home treatments?


A: In-office treatments will typically keep your smile bright for about twelve months. On the other hand, most take-home products you will find at a dentists’ usually provide several months of a bright smile. The latter usually contain carbamide peroxide that helps with safe bleaching from home. Most people find the need for another touch-up after about four to six months, depending on individual needs. 


Q: Does electric toothbrush assist with teeth whitening?


A: Many dental services recommend the use of an electric toothbrush for teeth whitening. The electric toothbrush comes with special technology that can whiten your teeth in as short as seven days. When shopping for a teeth whitening electric toothbrush, choose one that has a setting specifically for that. Besides whitening, this product improves the health of your gums over continued usage. However, like any other teeth-whitening treatment, you will want to seek your dentists’ opinion. 


Investing in private dental care isn’t the only solution to getting the best results for your smile. When it comes to staining your teeth, you will want to avoid cigarettes, coffee, and tea, as well as red wine.

At Dr. Ishmael Health Practice, we offer quick and effective teeth whitening techniques among other dentistry services. Contact our dental specialists for laser teeth whitening in Dubai and among other specialized dental solutions.

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