Teeth Whitening; Top 10 Teeth Bleaching Facts

Teeth can get discolored due to a number of reasons such as aging, trauma, poor dental hygiene, and many other reasons. More often, people with discolored teeth who wish to have whiter and brighter teeth have several methods they can follow in order to achieve their goal. The standard term used for this is ‘teeth whitening’. Teeth bleaching is another term which is used interchangeably with teeth whitening to mean the same thing. Well, the first truth you should learn is, these two are technically different.

The cost of teeth whitening Dubai might be cheaper compared to general teeth bleaching. There are two major differences which divide the two;

  • Teeth whitening products restore the color of your natural teeth by removing stains on the outer parts of the tooth. The right teeth whitening toothpaste brands and over-the-counter whitening strips might restore your glowing white teeth. This process, however, takes quite a while but it is never a guarantee your teeth reach your desired shade.
  • Teeth bleaching products utilize peroxide to restore the teeth to their initial white color. This process ensures that even the internal parts of the tooth are cleaned and whitened. Teeth bleaching is a process best performed by highly trained dentists as any errors can result in serious injuries or damages. Teeth bleaching is often more reliable and more efficient as a way of whitening teeth. At the end of the day, teeth bleaching is, technically, teeth whitening but on a more advanced level.

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Professional teeth whitening at the dentists’: Is it necessary?

Should you wish to whiten your teeth, the best idea is to first consult your dentist. Teeth whitening dentists in Dubai will be very willing to take you through the various methods and they will advise you on which options to pick. Whether or not you plan on getting the treatment from the dentist, is advisable to first consult them. Doing so, you can be guided on which processes may or may not work for you. Below are the top 10 facts about teeth bleaching which might not be so common to many.

  • DIY teeth whitening products are good, but not the best

There are hundreds of brands and types of teeth whitening products. The choice of the products to be used is entirely up to you to decide. As recommended, it is best to consult with the dentist first in order to pick the right type of treatment suitable for you. Furthermore, many people rely on reviews and referrals from others.

When going for DIY teeth whitening products, you should always be prepared for any results. In some cases, their results may not be as satisfactory as you would expect them to. Most dentists recommend that when going for options such as teeth whitening toothpaste, you should first get whitening treatment in order to make the toothpaste work even better instead of only relying on it.  

Some common DIY teeth whitening products include;

  • Whitening strips
  • Whitening trays
  • Whitening Gel
  • Blue LED whitening appliances
  • Whitening powders, etc.
  • Teeth whitening procedures do not damage teeth

Tooth bleaching may appear intimidating and some people may fear their teeth getting damaged. For starters, aggressive brushing of teeth can be damaging. Abusing certain teeth whitening methods can also be damaging. However, if the instructions are followed to the latter, no harm can get your teeth.

Receiving teeth whitening services only from qualified and experienced dentists will also be a plus for you. The bleaching process uses active ingredients which can temporarily open the pores in your teeth in order to get rid of the stains. Teeth remineralize and rehydrate after every teeth bleaching sessions.

  • Custom-fitted trays cost more but are better than OTC trays

Teeth whitening trays are more popular now than ever before due to their surprisingly good results. One can either buy over-the-counter teeth whitening trays or have them custom made by the dentist. Custom-fitted trays cost more because they are specifically tailored for a specific set of teeth. Doing so ensures that the gel has no chance of leaking out, something very common with over-the-counter trays.

  • Teeth sensitivity is normal during and after the procedure

A large percentage of people has naturally sensitive teeth. This can be brought about by genetics, damaged teeth or having a thin enamel. During the teeth whitening process, a sensitivity which is quite normal may be felt. This is because the teeth are temporarily dehydrated by the chemicals which make them fail to insulate the nerves to the changes in temperature and other factors. Sensitivity may last for the next few hours after the procedure. Dentists usually advise for one to get post-whitening fluoride treatment in order to ease the sensitivity and to nourish the teeth.

  • Laser light teeth whitening is only temporary

Laser light treatment or UV light treatment works by accelerating the whitening to work faster. This process is regulated and must have a dentist’s supervision. Although the process makes achieving results faster, it is not, however, recommended for people with sensitive teeth. UV rays when not correctly used can cause harm to the patient’s teeth and gums. LED teeth whitening in Dubai is only offered by professional dentists and is never a substitute to in-office bleaching procedures.

  • Veneers cannot be whitened

When artificial caps are installed on one’s mouth, they are done so by matching the colors of the adjacent teeth. During the teeth whitening procedure, veneers and caps can neither get whitened further nor can the process damage them. If you wish for the crowns or veneers to be lightened or made a shade or more whiter, your best bet is to talk to your dentist and have them replaced altogether.

  • The results are not permanent

Once you get teeth whitening treatment, your teeth will become whiter and brighter than they were before. They even get much whiter if you use in-office or professional teeth whitening services from a reputable dental clinic. However, these results are not always permanent and you will have to continue taking care of your teeth after the treatment. Not being able to maintain and keep good dental hygiene will make the stains come back and discolor your teeth. Moreover, going back to smoking or taking dark drinks such as wine and coffee might also change the color of your teeth, forcing you to seek treatments in the future.

  • Expecting perfection can be disappointing

No teeth can be 100% white no matter which product you use. Even the most expensive and highly rated whitening products cannot go beyond a few shades whiter. Diligently keeping tabs on your oral hygiene and going for teeth whitening at least once or twice in a year can make your teeth white.

  • The best time for teeth whitening is just before bed

At night, you will not be taking any foods or drinks as you would during the day. This gives the peroxide ample time to penetrate the teeth without any staining.

Many dental insurers do not cover for teeth whitening treatments. This is said to be a cosmetic procedure hence not covered in the plans. All the costs will be incurred by you.

Take away

Teeth whitening is an important treatment as it not only makes our teeth healthier but also boosts self-esteem. Teeth whitening treatment is best offered only by professional dentists. At Glow Medical and Dental Clinic, results matter, and the team will always ensure patients get the best teeth whitening treatments at the most affordable rates.

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