Prepare for Your Hajj & Umrah Journey
Stay Healthy, Stay Protected

Are you planning a journey for Hajj & Umrah? Ensure your trip is safe and smooth by getting vaccinated with us. We understand the importance of your health and the requirements for your Umrah pilgrimage. That’s why we offer comprehensive vaccination services tailored specifically for Umrah travelers.

Who needs to take the vaccines?

Residents embarking on their journey to Saudi Arabia for Hajj &  Umrah are strongly advised to undergo mandatory vaccinations before applying for their Visa. This precaution is vital to safeguard your health and ensure a hassle-free travel experience.

Which Vaccines should you take?

Recommended Vaccines:

Meningococcal and Influenza Vaccines:

Especially recommended for the elderly or individuals with chronic diseases, cancer patients, or those who have undergone organ transplants. These vaccines offer additional protection against respiratory illnesses, which are common during travel and in crowded settings.

When should you get vaccinated?

To ensure sufficient immunity before your journey, it’s advisable to get vaccinated before applying for your Hajj or Umrah Visa or at least 15 days prior to your scheduled travel date. This timeline allows your body to develop adequate protection against the targeted diseases.

At Dr. Ismail Healthcare Group, we prioritize your health and convenience. Our experienced healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing you with the necessary vaccinations, including the influenza vaccine, to make your Umrah experience worry-free.

Don’t let health concerns hinder your spiritual journey. Book your Hajj & Umrah vaccination appointment with us today

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